So You Want to Learn an Endangered Language...

Endangered languages are often in the news, and it might be tempting to say, let's go learn some. An excellent book on Yucatec Maya (spoken in Mexico) offers a sophisticated discussion of the cultural mechanics of doing this.

Learning an Alien's Language

People have recently wondered, if we were contacted by aliens, would we know what to say? Here I offer a science fiction solution: resurrect a hyperpolyglot to do the job.

How Good Are You at IDing Spoken Languages?

There are 7,000 languages on the planet. This book video features a very small subset. But which ones? Can you identify them?

Are You Postmonolingual?

Even if you speak one language, you may be postmonolingual.
The Secrets of Foreign Language Learning

The Secrets of Foreign Language Learning

The author is interviewed by CBC and Huffington Post, and his new book is reviewed by The Economist.

"Polyglot Dragon": What Languages Does the Chinese Army Learn?

The Chinese are learning more languages than just English. Which ones? And why?

By Way of Introductions...

In which the author introduces himself