How to Escape the Drama in Our Own Heads

It's often when caught up in life's to-do list that we get caught up in our own mental interpretation of what's going on in the world around us—and then make it all about us, when in fact, it has nothing to do with us. And if we would instead take a moment to breathe and observe, we just might learn something and/or find a reason to count our and others' life blessings.

How to Find Proof That Hope is Not Lost

The little, seemingly innocuous ways you take care of yourself are your proof that you care about yourself. And this "proof of caring" can be the first step toward committing yourself to lasting and permanent change when it comes to other matters like losing weight, embracing wellness, and/or getting healthier.

What's the Best Mindset for Creating and Maintaining Change?

When we care for something, it thrives. It's therefore important that we give real love and devoted care to ourselves -- as well as the health-minded goals we want to reach.

How to Take the 'Attack' Out of Snack Attacks

Too often, those of us with a dieter's mentality will devour a decadent food without enjoying the actual consumption of it. It's as if we go into some altered mental state while chewing the cookie or whatever the said offender to our diet is (or was -- burp!).

What To Do When Having "Too Much To Do" Takes Over Your Life

Although an old addage, taking time to stop and smell the roses really is sage advice for those of us rushing around from sunup to sundown -- trying to accomplish all of the tasks on our massive to-do lists. The fact is, no matter how busy we are, stopping to take in life's beauty that is happening all around us isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity.

Why Thinking Like a Dieter Might Be Keeping You Fat

Being "on" or "off" usually leads to a cheater's mentality. And that doesn't serve us well whether we're trying to lose the excess weight or simply working to maintain the weight loss.

How Your New Year's Resolutions Might Work Against You

Although we make them with the best intentions, often New Year's Resolutions can set us out on a course of dismissing our past efforts and even creating a non-productive cycle that doesn't offer as much change as it does devaluing our self-worth.

The Best Ways to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

They may tell us it's the most wonderful time of the year...but for those of us with a dieter's mentality, the season can strike dread and fear when it comes to successfully navigating all of the eating occasions that will present themselves between now and the new year. But fear not! Here are all the tips you need to assure joy to the world -- and to yourself!

Is Post-Thanksgiving Guilt Hurting Your Diet Psyche?

Despite what most of us think, feeling guilty does not aid the dieting or goal setting processes. In fact, including the exercise of feeling guilty after a binge into our “cheating routines” actually works against us and becomes so familiar, that it can become cyclical and lead back to cheating in a very short amount of time.

Emoticons...Like 'em? Love 'em? Or Abhor Them?

To emoticon or not to emoticon...that is the question. And with the ever increasing onslaught of daily emails and text messages, the debate has raged on as to whether using emoticons is immature, silly or a waste of time or a way to add a little happiness to someone's day. Talk about a touchy topic of conversation.

This Halloween, Why Not Scare Up Some Self-Esteem?

Life doesn't have to stop because we're not pleased with our current waist size. Living in the now can show us that life is worth living -- and even that goals are worth reaching. It then becomes less about "Before" or "After," and more about "During," which for us dieter types, can lead to a very good mental mindset to to be in: loving ourselves in the moment.

Hello. My Name is Gregg. And I'm a Fall Coffee Drink Addict.

For years now, I've been addicted (potential 12-step-group-addicted) to Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or, as I refer to them, "fall in a cup"). And as someone who once weighed over 450 pounds, I was risking the encouragement of my past food addiction by ordering an extra large size and drinking down every last autumn-y (read: sugary) drop.

What’s Your Take on a Larger Actors Appearing Nude on TV?

As someone who once weighed over 450 pounds, I’m often asked what I think about plus sized actors strutting their larger-than-average bodies on television even when their bods are not Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ready.

Scaling Back

When trying to lose excess weight, do you put too much emphasis on the feedback the bathroom scale is giving you? It might be time to weigh some other options...
Do Temporary Fixes Offer Lasting Change?

Do Temporary Fixes Offer Lasting Change?

By examining the ways in which we're trying to fool ourselves into thinking our condition can be lived with, we might just jump ahead a couple of steps and move onto some real -- and surprisingly simple -- changes that can have a lasting effect on not only our overall health, but also our psyche.

The Choice Is Yours

Can a simple change in perspective really help us reach what sometimes seem like unattainable goals? The answer, like the future achievements, begins with you and a quiet choice to shift your point of view.