Are You Giving Yourself the Level of Self-Care You Deserve?

When we care for something, it thrives. When we shun it, it withers. Therefore, isn't it time we stop mentally knocking ourselves down when we think of goals we haven't yet met?

Why Do Man Buns Inspire Instant Vitriol?

With the advent of social media, we’ve all become a little more “brave” in regard to sharing our opinions. The parallels to other life disagreements have not been lost on me.

What Might You Be Telling Yourself That's Holding You Back?

What we say to and about ourselves matters. We hear it. We feel it. We embody it. It becomes part of our psychological makeup on every level.

Why Simple Advice is Often the Best Advice

No matter how many times we replay past events or decisions in our heads, they are never going to be undone. So the sooner we swallow hard and move on, the better.

How's That New Year's Diet Working Out For You So Far?

This year why not make this the last time you begin a 'weight loss plan' and, instead, think of it as a 'clean, healthy eating for life plan?'

What Can Zombies Teach Us About Reaching Our Goals?

While we don’t always know what obstacles lie ahead, no matter what knocks us down, we have the option of getting back up and recommitting to moving (or stumbling) toward our goals

Why Dieting With a Light Switch Mentality Can Be a Turnoff

Being "on" or "off" of a diet has become part of the weight loss industry vernacular. But this way of thinking can often lead to more weight gain than actual weight loss.

What's the 4-Letter Word Your Diet Might Be Missing?

Wanting a quick fix (which can include fads, pills or even surgery), some dieters often ignore the actual "work" it takes to successfully lose excess weight once and for all.

What Do We Do When Abuse from the Past Rears Its Ugly Head?

No matter how well we've survived horrors from our past, there are times that events can reappear and cause us to once again face what we thought we might never have to face again.

Peanut Butter's Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a "trigger food" does for someone with a dieter's mentality. Especially when that someone is trying to eat, live and think healthy.

Should Obesity Really Be Classified As A Disease?

No matter how the medical community classifies our national (and individual) obesity issues, let’s not forget that that the real cure still comes from inside ourselves.

Why Do Certain Foods Seem to Have Power Over Us?

Sure, I took off 250 pounds of excess weight without pills, surgery or gimmicks. But keeping it off still requires commitment—especially when it comes to certain food groups.

What Can Man's Best Friend Teach Us About Letting Things Go?

Next time a stressful situation is playing on an endless loop in your mind, try giving yourself this simple dog command to see if it might help bring back some perspective.

Is Portion Control Really the Key to Dieting Success?

Can there really such a thing as eating too many steamed green beans? In my experience (as someone who has taken off over 250 pounds and kept it off for a decade)... Absolutely.

Is the New Year Really the Best Time to Declare a New You?

2016 is the year you can lose your excess weight. But only if you think of yourself with love, acceptance and the knowledge that you got it goin' on -- even as you are right now.

You Don't Have to Like Working Out to Reap the Rewards

Whether setting the alarm for early in the morning or scheduling a 30-minute walk later in the day, do your body, mind and spirit a favor and make working out a part of your life.

Can Us Dieters Really Have Our Cake and Eat it, too?

When working to get or stay healthy, any food and drink requires portion control. This is as true for green beans as it is for fresh-baked treats. That's what moderation is all about. And whether you incorporate moderation into your lifestyle before, during or after a diet, it's something you're going to want to master at some point.

How Dieters Can Make Halloween More About Treats Than Tricks

Hear that scream? That's not an extra from The Walking Dead or someone watching a scary movie marathon. That's me walking near the candy aisle while at the grocery store during this time of year. And like me, many of us with a dieter's mentality fear Halloween with the same kind of dread we do a visit to the dentist or getting on the scale after a weekend binge.

How to Move on From a Seemingly Horrific Incident

Whatever you've survived, the key words are "You survived." Yes, you might have a black eye—or other forms of emotional or physical scarring as a result. But don't let a horrific incident (or incidences) take away your joie de vivre. This life is for living. And no person or incident can take that away from you permanently—unless you let them.

How to Think of Your Body as Beautiful at Any Size

The more we accept and respect others (no matter what they look like), the more disposed we'll be to extending that kind of acceptance (and even kindness) to ourselves. And when we change our judgements about how we look and what we weigh, we'll be more likely to initiate and even accomplish the kind of healthy, positive change that can lead to true transformation.

What Excuse Do You Use to Not Workout?

After learning what my amazing and beautiful friend Karen has gone through, health-wise, I realized that I never have a reason to not move my body in some productive way (even if only taking a 10 minute walk around the block if that's all I have time for)—and that I need to make every exercise session a celebration of life and health when doing so.

How Are You Portraying Yourself When Using Social Media?

When did vitriol become a national pastime and filling our social media feeds with hatred become de rigeur? Has initially greeting someone we don't understand (or even that we don't agree with) with kindness become a thing of the past?

How Being Knocked Out Of Our Comfort Zones Can Be Beneficial

We often want the answers to life's biggest dilemmas to be complicated, enabling or even pricey. But sometimes the best advice we can receive comes without any fancy packaging, outrageous promises or gratuitous politeness.

How We Can Face and Even Conquer Fear When Cancer Strikes

When medical challenges including cancer or other frightening prognosis strike those we care about or even ourselves, our positive attitudes just might make for the most healing prescriptions.

What Do You Reach For First Thing In The Morning?

What do you feel like you have to have first thing in the morning that might give a nutritionist a panic attack? By paying attention to how you feel (how you really feel), you might just realize these substances aren't what you're craving after all. And as our tastes change, our bodies, minds and health can change—for the better.

Why Complaining Is More Destructive Than Productive

Have you ever had a challenging life situation rear its ugly head in the midst of an otherwise good day or week? If so, did you give into the grief and the agony and jump on board the pity train? Or did you shake it off and move forward with a positive spirit—determined not to let one of life's everyday annoyances get in your way?

Peanut Butter is My Gateway Drug

Taking the taboo and shame out of a binge can help shed light—and perhaps even some laughter—onto the addictive habits that might be holding us back from finding forgiveness, compassion and (ultimately) success.

10 Things To Do Instead of Cheating On Your Diet

We all do it: Eat something we really didn’t want to avoid boredom, avoid stress or to get through a difficult moment. Next time you hit a food mood that really isn’t about hunger, try one of these 10 food substitutes to get through the angst, calorie-free.

How to Apply Spring Cleaning to Your Body, Mind and Soul

What are you sitting on, keeping in your home or potentially hoarding on your shelves that might be holding you back mentally? Anything you need to get rid of? Any de-cluttering you need encouragement on? You might be surprised to learn that your mind is in need of spring cleaning even more than your living space is.

How to Escape the Drama in Our Own Heads

It's often when caught up in life's to-do list that we get caught up in our own mental interpretation of what's going on in the world around us—and then make it all about us, when in fact, it has nothing to do with us. And if we would instead take a moment to breathe and observe, we just might learn something and/or find a reason to count our and others' life blessings.