Mayim Bialik Misses the Mark in New York Times Op-Ed

Dressing modestly is no magic shield against sexual assault.

Understanding and Conducting Peer Review

A description for consumers of psychological science and a few tips for new reviewers.

Ten Ways to Ruin a Conference

The secrets for hosting a truly boring meeting, with minimal learning or networking.

Why Would Trump—Or Anyone—Talk That Way About Women?

Understanding why any man would say vulgar things about women.

A Letter to My Teenage Son About Sexual Assault

When my children learned about a sexual assault at my daughter's school, it made me realize there were things I wanted to say.

A Letter to My Teenage Daughter About Sexual Assault

When some sexual assaults were disclosed at my daughter’s school, I wanted to reach out to my daughter and to other students and families.

Self-Control—The Weak Link in the Psychological Chain?

Stories of what inspired people to find the strength to turn their life around.

The Secret to Dealing With Difficult People

Distance, Delay and Deny, the three Ds that can help you manage challenging interpersonal relationships.

"Don't Talk to Strangers," Worst Advice Ever?

Helping children learn to be confident and assertive in a wide variety of social situations is one of the best gifts parents can give their children and a good way to promote safety.

Should You Major in Psychology?

The Data Doctor answers a question about psychology as an undergraduate major.

My Gap Is Over, Now What? Grad School After a Break

Suggestions on preparing a strong application for graduate school after taking time off from school. The Data Doctor responds.

Let It Go! Your Stuff, That Is

The benefits of improving your immediate physical environment are under-appreciated.

The Resilience Secret I Learned From the Apache People

I thought I knew a lot about psychology until I moved to an Apache reservation.

How Can You Make the Best Grad School Choices?

How can you find a graduate program that best suits your interests? The Data Doctor responds to a question on applying for graduate school.

What Extracurriculars Will Help Me Get into Grad School?

What are the best ways to spend your time outside of class to beef up your grad school applications? The Data Doctor responds.

Read Any Good Psychology Books Lately?

The Data Doctor gets asked about reading recommendations from a former student.

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist & More—What's the Difference?

The Data Doctor answers a question about the differences between the alphabet soup of all the psychology degrees--Ph.D., M.D., PsyD, Ed.D., DSW, DPH, etc.

What Differences Do Bystanders Make?

A study in Psychology of Violence found that a witness was present in nearly 2 out of 3 instances of victimization, and that helpful bystanders had long-lasting impacts on the victims.

Where Are The Helpful Bystanders?

A new study in the Journal of Community Psychology finds that social environments—friends, family, and neighbors—all affect how likely a bystander is to step in and help and to stay safe in the process.

Are You a Chronic Journal Ditcher?

Higher emotional clarity and better self-understanding? Sounds great, right? Here are some tips to help you stop ditching that journal and stick to a writing routine.

How to Be a Natural Helper

There are easy ways to make a positive impact on the lives of people who are experiencing adversity, and you don't need a professional license or degree to do so.

Should You Take a Gap Year Before Grad School?

The Data Doctor answers a question about the pros and cons of a "gap" year between undergrad and grad school.

The "2-minute Miracle"?

Even very short amounts of time engaged in expressive writing are healing. Both psychological and physical benefits have been found. Here are a few tips if you want to get the benefits of expressive writing for yourself.

Why Can Domestic Violence Get Passed From Parent to Child?

It can be hard to understand why a child who is exposed to domestic violence might go on to experience violence in later adult relationships.

Could Women Be as Violent as Men?

The Data Doctor answers a question about gender patterns in domestic violence and whether women could really be as violent as men.I also briefly comment on the Hoffman report regarding APA collusion in waterboarding and other torture post 9/11.

Are Gay & Lesbian Couples as Violent as Straight Couples?

As we achieve marriage equality for LGBTQ and heterosexual couples, the Data Doctor answers a question about the dark side of relationships.

Why Are People with Disabilities the Targets of Violence?

Why do offenders target people with disabilities? Are there links between types of disability and type of victimization? The Data Doctor answers a question from the aunt of a former student.

The Data Doctor on Researcher-Practice Communication

A researcher asks the Data Doctor about the best ways to make share her work with practitioners, who live in a rather different universe despite some overlapping training in graduate school. Poor communication between researchers and practitioners is one of the biggest problems in the field today (and, I think, mostly the fault of researchers).

Data Doctor: How to Discuss Charleston Shooting With Clients

A counselor seeks resources and guidance for discussing the Charleston shooting in a support group and the Data Doctor makes a plea to the media to stop reinforcing shooters with publicity for themselves and their disturbed ideas. The Data Doctor column addresses questions about research, practice, and policy related to violence, adversity, and resilience.

10 Gun Safety Practices That Do Not Limit Gun Ownership

As we mourn more senseless deaths, it is good to remember that a vast majority of the U.S. population are in favor of simple, proven safety practices that save lives.