Lessons from Appalachia

How stereotypes and lack of knowledge obscure the true image of one of America’s most distinct cultures.

Do You Know Your Own Strength?

What is your goal in life? To be happy? Successful? Resilient? How about “psychologically regulated"? That last one might not be a popular response to the question I posed, but it should be. And I will tell you why.

Is College Still Worth the Money?

Getting an education is still a good path to well-being.

Pride and Prejudice and Compassion

How does gender affect the relationship between compassion and mental health? Revisit a classic love story in this blog as we look at how compassion could drive you crazy.

3 Surprising Facts About Money and Happiness

Money is a major part of everyone's life but learning to deal with financial challenges may actually turn out to be good for us.

The Wisdom of Confucius: 6 Sayings for Modern Times

Confucius was one of the first great thinkers. He identified many eternal values that can still inspire us today.

How Do You Feel About Mondays? 4 Upsides to Work

Popular culture often talks about the downside of work, but workplaces are where many of us find important sources of self-esteem, validation, and support.

How Caring for Community Helps the Caregivers Too

It is a little-known secret that caregivers, volunteers & activists benefit as much, if not more, than the people they are helping.

Making Space for Grieving

Thoughts about how to create some time and space for grieving after the loss of a loved one.

Caring for Traumatized Children

Parents, foster parents, teachers and therapists: You can help children overcome their experiences of violence and other adversity.

Finding Your Own Path to Healing From Child Abuse

Four Suggestions To Help You Acknowledge Past Abuse Without Letting It Define You

Finding Your Own Path to Healing From Child Abuse

Child abuse remains a common problem that is experienced by millions of Americans. Approximately 1 in 10 children report some form of maltreatment by a caregiver, which translates into more than 30 million victims of child abuse in the country.

Guess How Many Domestic Violence Offenders Go to Jail

The surprising truth about calling the police when domestic violence occurs.

Three Simple Steps You Can Take to Avoid Victim-Blaming

Why it's so easy to fall into the victim-blaming trap and what you can do about it.

What Huffington Post Gets Wrong about #WhyIStayed

The media still have a lot to learn when it comes to an accurate and unbiased portrayal of victims of domestic violence. #whyistayed does not go far enough in avoiding negative stereotypes about victims.

Do You Want to Be a Better Communicator?

How to be an active listener and ask questions so people feel heard, not blamed. For providers of all types and anyone else who would like to be more supportive.

Is It OK for Therapists To Talk About Themselves?

More on how to find a good therapist—and how to be one.

Does Your Therapist Talk More Than You Do?

Should therapy be like any other conversation? Learn the challenges and the signs of good listening and interviewing skills to help you find a good therapist. This basic information can also be helpful to new therapists, advocates, teachers, and others who need good listening skills.

How Motherhood Changed the Way I See Domestic Violence

Becoming a mother made me realize that women, even victimized women, are stronger than you know. Here's what I learned (or some of it anyway). Safety planning for domestic violence needs to consider the big picture, not just recommend easy answers.

Men, Women, and Ways They Find Meaning in Their Lives

How do men and women make meaning in the modern world? The latest data tell a story of gender differences and also gender similarities.

Domestic Violence: Learning to See Past the Stereotypes

Don't believe the stereotypes about passive battered women. Battered women are stronger than you know.

Southerners Today: Generosity in a Rural Community

New research shows the ways that small town Southerners express generosity.

It's Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Teen dating violence affects millions of teens. Here's how to identify problematic teen dating behaviors from the normal experimentation of adolescence.

Resilience and…..4 Benefits to Sharing Your Story

Learn how to use your own life story to find your voice, help others on their own journey, re-affirm your values and find a sense of peace and hope. Hear about how others have used storytelling to increase their resilience.

Resilience and…Giving of Yourself to Others

Reflections on resilience for the 4th of July. There are many ways to increase resilience after loss or adversity. Perhaps surprisingly, giving to others can be a great way to improve recovery from all kinds of difficult experiences. On Independence day, we can learn from the example of many who have given so much to their countries, communities, and families.

The Cleveland Escape: Survival, Torment, & Looking Ahead

Q&A about the Cleveland rescue. What might the future might hold for Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus? What is this like for other families with missing children? How can we understand not only perpetrators of such crimes but neighbors and other who may have seen something over the years?

Parents: How to Help Teens Deal with Unhealthy Relationships

If you are worried about your teen's romantic relationships, do these three things: support, encourage, and monitor.

Don't Blame the Haystack for the Needle

Mental health care cannot revert to never-ending institutionalizations.