Giftedness: A Curse or a Blessing?

Children who show early signs of intellectual giftedness can face life challenges that are often overlooked, misunderstood or dismissed.

Hyperactive Kids and Playtime - What's the Connection?

Kids with more free play time behave better, are physically healthier and exhibit stronger social and emotional development.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Coping with Parental Guilt

What can we do to assuage the guilt we feel over not being the best parents we could have been?

Failure to Launch: Whose Problem is it Anyway?

Do you have a hanger-on adult child? Do you still cover car insurance or cell phone bills for your 25 year old? It's time to realize this is YOUR problem, and not theirs.

Celebrating Your Child's ADHD Gifts

Distractibility, disorganization, impulsivity. These are things the ADHD child learns to navigate, making them uniquely positioned to succeed as adults in many instances....

To Be or Not to Be: School of Hard Knocks or the Quad?

You dream all your life of having a child who values what college has to offer, and then you find out otherwise. Have you failed at parenting? We don't think so...

Did Boomers Doom Their Adult Kids to Years of Therapy?

Can today's parents learn by Boomers' mistakes? How you prepare your child for adulthood is key.

Home Schooling Your Nearly-Grown Child

Does your high schooler dread going to school every day? There is an alternative, but it's a gut-wrenching decision...

Kid Hustle: Encouraging Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Nature

Recognizing and encouraging their child's business hustle is something many parents don't take seriously. It's time they did.

Laying Down the Rules

How consistent is your parenting? Do you threaten your child with consequences and then cave instead of following through?

The Bored Room

Is your child bored stiff in school and acting out? Don't let your kid get cubby-holed...

Going Off Road: The Parent-Teacher Conference

Do you have to psych yourself up for a parent-teacher conference? Take heart. You're not alone. And here are some ways to prepare.

Children Will Listen

What will your children remember about you that will guide them as adults?

They've Been Robbed

Self esteem is not a product of being handed something ...

The Awkward Years

Posturing, apathy, newly-found ways to express their angst; why does it have to be so difficult to get through our kids' teenage years?

Boredom and Its Perks

You may never know how creative your kid is until she's bored stiff.

The Stubborn Ones

Do you have a child whose first response is to push the outside of any envelope designed to contain her? Take heart. You just might have gotten lucky.