Imagination Helps You Be Patient

A new study finds that imagination trumps willpower when it comes to waiting for bigger payoffs — but is choosing to wait for a larger reward always in your best interest?

Cold and Flu Season: Being Lonely Makes You Feel Worse

New study that finds that how close we feel to others influences how much we suffer when we get colds.

How Climate Change Affects Mental Health

A new report offers evidence that our psyches are as vulnerable as our earth is to global warming.

Belief in Sexual Compatibility Can Sour Your Sex Life

The satisfaction we derive from sex is largely influenced by the attitudes we hold about how it should play out with our partner(s).

How Would Trumpcare Affect Mental Health Care?

People addicted to opioids and rural Americans would lose "big league"

Do Fitness Trackers Promote Eating Disorders?

A new study suggests they can.

What It’s Like Being a Guy with Binge Eating Disorder

It's important to remember that men endure eating disorders as well.

Why Transgender People Experience More Mental Health Issues

The high cost of shame and stigma manifests itself in the mental health of transgender people.

The Mental Health Struggles of Weight Loss Surgery

People who consider and undergo weight loss surgery cope with issues that impact their mental health and relationships, not only their bodies and wallets.

Men Can Now Take Birth Control, Too

A new study confirms the efficacy of an injectable birth control method for men. But is it safe enough to bring to the market?

Why So Many Bisexuals Are Victimized

“People are telling bisexuals their identity doesn’t exist. Some of them believe it.”

What Eye Contact Can Do to You

Eye contact has the power to alter our behavior, attention, memory, and appraisal of who's looking at us. Is that always a good thing?

What Does Body Positivity Actually Mean?

What, exactly, does it mean to be body positive? And do efforts to market the concept miss the point?

Why Is Change So Hard?

Behavioral change is rarely a discrete or single event but we often make the mistake of viewing it this way.

Music Enhances Beer's Flavor

Listening to music we love can make whatever we're drinking taste much more delicious.

The Surprising Psychology Behind Makeup

A new study finds that men perceive women who wear makeup to be more prestigious while women perceive other women who wear makeup to be more dominant—and more promiscuous.

Standing Desks Don't Actually Burn More Calories

We thought standing desks would improve our posture, get our blood flowing, and help us burn more calories during a typical day at work. Were we wrong?

When to Exercise if You Want to Boost Memory

When you exercise can impact how well you remember newly learned material. Here's how long you should wait to hit the gym after committing something new to memory.

Making Art Can De-Stress You—Even If You're Lousy at It

Making art may lower our stress hormone levels, a new study finds—no matter what skills we bring to the table.

Why (Some) Substitutes Don't Satisfy Us

When we can't get what we want, are we better off looking for something new or something similar to what we initially sought? The choice makes or breaks our satisfaction.

Are Wealthy People More Likely to Cheat?

Recent studies suggest money makes men see more flaws in their female partners' appearance and makes them inclined to cheat. Do women experience the same effects?

Can Resveratrol Protect Your Body from Junk Food?

Resveratrol, a compound found in red grapes, blueberries, and some nuts, may counteract the negative health effects of occasional snack attacks.

Why We Lose Our Appetites When We Get Sick

If you’ve ever fallen ill and found yourself barely able to stomach a spoonful of chicken soup, you already know that getting sick can be a major appetite killer.

Pause During Your Workout to Get Better Results

More rest between weight lifting sets courts bigger potential for growth, confirming the importance of pausing and pacing — in all things. Even exercise.

Can Vitamin D Make You Leaner?

A new study investigating the influence of vitamin D on muscle mass suggests it plays a role in how many pounds of fat you pack on — in early childhood and beyond.

One Easy Way to Curb Overeating

Listening to the sounds we make when we eat may help us be more mindful of how much we end up swallowing.

College Athletes May Be More Depressed Than You Think

Similar to the compulsive exerciser whose tireless adherence to fitness most people admire, many college athletes may be struggling beneath a veneer of achievement.

How Therapy Can Help Exercise Addicts (Part II)

When we rely upon others to tell us how worthy we are, we actively forfeit strengthening a connection with our own sense of value.

Can Exercising Drive You to Drink?

A review examining physical activity’s counterintuitive connection with alcohol consumption found that upping our exercise ante could increase how much we drink.

Why Exercise Isn't Always a Panacea

Just because some exercise is great for us doesn’t mean these benefits extend indefinitely. It turns out that yes, you can exercise too much: Beyond a certain point of exertion, our bodies—and our minds—start to break down.