On Gap Years and Privilege

Gap years are often dismissed because they are associated with privilege. But, the story is more complicated than this, and those concerned with college success should look deeper.

Helping Boys Become Ethical Men

Boys become adults at the same time they head off to college. Here's how to make this transition more intentional to help boys become healthy and ethical men.

Every College Freshman Has Mental Health Needs

Whether you're a student, parent, or educator working with late adolescents/early adults, knowing how to identify and meet mental health needs is crucial.

Drinking, Drugs, and the College Transition

Substance abuse on college campuses is a frightening problem that few have solved. Here are lessons and approaches that have worked with students in the college transition.

Guidance Counselors Should Reconsider the Gap Year

Research shows that gap years contribute to college success. Why are college guidance counselors discouraged from suggesting them? More importantly, how do we fix this?

Making College the Right Kind of Sexy

Many students are excited about going to college. But, if we expect them to take full advantage of the learning opportunities higher ed provides, they have to be turned on for the right reasons. A gap year can help students see college as sexy for all the right reasons.

5 Developmental Needs Gap Years Meet That Colleges Don’t

Recently, some of the biggest names in higher education (Princeton, UNC, and Tufts) have turned to the gap year as a means of meeting the developmental needs of students in the college transition. Why? Because college isn't built for freshmen. Gap years are.

Gap Years Succeed Where High Schools Fail

Laurence Steinberg recently suggested American high schools have failed to improve over the past 40 years. Paul Tough pointed to the importance of students having a sense of purpose for their learning if they are to succeed. Recent research shows that gap years help students find that purpose before heading to college, where they'll really need it.

The Value of the Gap Year

Families around the US are turning to the gap year to ensure their investment in higher education will pay off. With student learning in K-12 focused on grades and test scores to get into college, most students arrive on campus with no sense of purpose or direction. To gain value from higher ed, students need burning questions that drive their learning.