What Are You Telling Yourself? Part II

A wide-ranging interview discussing obesity, anger, their causes and cure from an REBT/CBT perspective.

What Are You Telling Yourself?

I sat down with Johnny Strike, author, musician, former counselor, and founding member of San Francisco's earliest punk band Crime. He conducted a wide-ranging, in-depth interview with me in which we discussed self-esteem, addictions, procrastination, obesity, psychoanalysis, Albert Ellis, REBT/CBT, and more. I wish to share the results with my readers.

Panic Attacks: Their Cause and Cure

Panic attacks seem to come "out of the blue." In reality they're deeply rooted in our thinking.

Depression: Your Elusive Secondary Disturbance

"Endogenous depression" is better understood and treated as "Secondary Disturbance."

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Is Not "Therapy"

In a "Dear Annie" column in the Marin Independent Journal, a writer signs her query: "Through With Therapy in the Midwest." She complains she's fritted away thousands of dollars on a variety of therapists and concludes therapy is a "waste of money." In the response, Annie observes: "Therapy does not work for everyone."