Harvey Weinstein Is Not a Monster

Let's use Harvey Weinstein as an opportunity to talk honestly about sexual assault and harassment.

Equality Makes Same-Sex Couples Happy

Why are same-sex couples happier than straight couples? Here are eight ways research says same-sex couples rock relationships.

Who Initiates Divorce More Often?

In heterosexual marriages, are women or men more likely to initiate divorce?

5 Ways to be a Pro-Life Feminist

How to reduce rates of abortion according to research.

Narcissism, Sexism & Entitlement

#Repealthe19th is a popular hashtag. Why would a woman vote against her own self interest?

Who is the Typical College Rapist?

Who commits most of the rapes on college campuses?

Is Porn Really the Problem?

Does watching porn affect young men's virility?
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Why Do Lesbians Have More Orgasms Than Straight Women?

Can lesbian relationships teach straight couples how to increase frequency of orgasms?
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Top 5 Feminist Moments in 2015

Favorite moments in feminism from 2015.
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4 Reasons U.S. Leads the way in Discrimination against Women

Why the United States leads the way in gender discrimination.
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Domestic Terrorism will not Stop Abortion

Violence and intimidation don't work to prevent abortion, because domestic terrorism doesn't prevent unwanted pregnancies.