Roadblocks in the Search for Answers

Discussions about the link between gun violence and mental illness often fall prey to a few logical fallacies. A more informed debate promises better outcomes for all of us.

Mental Illness Didn't Make Him Do It

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, tragedy, it's natural to search for answers. Mental illness isn't one of them.
Charles Mayer/Penguin

Three Tips on Mindfulness from a Buddhist Psychiatrist

Mark Epstein has long been interested in bridging psychology and Buddhism. His latest book offers wisdom for both mindfulness beginners and seasoned practitioners.
Wellcome Images/Wikimedia Commons

Does Every Silence Need To Be Filled?

Do you ever find yourself not knowing what to say? Winnicott describes how sitting together in the absence of words can speak volumes.

Conversion 'Therapy' Isn't Therapy At All

Conversion therapy is widely discredited, yet new data suggests 698,000 LGBTQ adults have underwent the practice. It is time to ban it nationwide.
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What a French Psychoanalyst Can Teach Us About Trauma

I wasn't sure how to help my client Robert, a trauma survivor with a complex delusional system, until I found help in an unlikely source: the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.
Brandi Redd/Unsplash

The African Prince in Exile

Robert appeared in my clinic for the trauma of being kidnapped at birth and robbed of his birthright as an African prince. How could I untangle the trauma from his delusions?