Thank you Nicholas Kristof for printing Dylan Farrow’s letter in the New York Times, Feb. 1, 2014 “An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow” in response to The Golden Globe’s giving a lifetime achievement award to Woody Allen. It is my opinion that Woody Allen is an incestuous pedophile and I believe Dylan Farrow. In general, I am opposed to psychological commentary on stories in the news because one doesn't know the story behind the story. I am certainly opposed to false accusations and often defend people when they are the subject of witch hunts. This too is a serious problem. But in this case I make an exception. Of course I can’t draw this conclusion with absolute certainty because that is not possible. I wasn’t there. But I do conclude that sexual molestation did happen. This had already been my conclusion prior to reading Dylan Farrow’s letter, on the basis of his marriage to Soon-Yi.               

We already know that he married a daughter. The idea that Soon-Yi was adopted and this is used to vindicate him is absurd. The explanation that he and Mia did not live together does not change anything. They adopted a number of children together. This was a family, albeit not traditional, but a family. This is not a stretch. This is fact. I have never heard of any father marrying a daughter or daughteroid. But Woody Allen did. America’s celebrity obsession actually rationalized that this was OK. Uhmm, this is not OK. It was disturbing that he got away with this in the first place. What about the poor girl? Is there any possibility that he and Soon-Yi didn’t have sex before marriage? Perhaps she had been the Platonic love of his life?                                                                                        

The reason why I believe its important to take a stand here is because incestuous pedophilia is very, very destructive to the victim. I have treated a number of such patients. I have also treated incestuous abusers. And its almost impossible to prove. And they never admit it. Most of the time the men who commit incestuous pedophilia get away with it and the child is destroyed. And these men do not have as much power, prestige, money and devoted followers, as Woody Allen. He’s a very powerful man. Read the comment in the Comment section. “Pop the bubble that child abuse has historically get a feel for it. On the basis of my experience with both victims and victimizers, Dylan Farrow’s letter rings true, as well as the support of the rest of the family. The whole story has the familiar hallmarks that pertained to cases that I have treated. How could Hollywood, his bevy of actresses (who support a very puzzling form of feminism), never mind their personal betrayal of Dylan, and America at large support such a travesty? It makes no difference that he is a successful ‘artist’. As is typical of the rich, celebrity, and famous, he gets a pass.              

Why do we idolize and admire actor celebrities who make their living pretending they are other people. I’m not sure that this qualifies them to be our moral guides. And as always, the true victim, this innocent little girl, who he destroyed, is steamrolled by rich male celebrity power. The victims never have a voice. She is vilified and attacked along with the rest of the Farrow family as if they are some kind of sore sports.                              

An incestuous pedophile is a common criminal. We in the psychiatric, psychological community need to stand up against this evil. To remain silent is to condone it. I love Dylan Farrow’s first and last line “What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?” This ought to generate disgust.

Robert A. Berezin, is author of “Psychotherapy of Character, the Play of Consciousness in the Theater of the Brain 

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