Mourning – Death, Loss, Trauma, and Psychotherapy

Mourning is the process by which we heal from grief. I’ve heard people say, “What’s the point of grieving, you can’t bring a loved one back from the dead.” That of course, is true, but it is what allows us, the survivors, to return back to the land of the living and resume our lives.

There Is a New Paradigm for Psychiatry

The hope for a molecular-biochemical explanation for psychiatry is false. It is believed we are on the verge of proving that psychiatry is a brain disease, no different from cancer or diabetes. But there is a paradigm that fully illuminates psychiatry - the ‘Play of consciousness, which is consonant with biology, neuroscience, and evolutution.

Psychotherapy Is the Real Deal

As opposed to the fraudulent ‘chemical imbalance’ theory of ‘somatic’ psychiatry, psychotherapy not only effectively treats us, but it is consonant with the way psychiatric symptoms actually develop in the first place. The sad thing is we already have everything we need –the lost art and science of psychotherapy.

A State of Psychiatric Emergency

Psychiatry is fast approaching a death spiral which we as a society may not be able to recover from. In many residencies, psychotherapy is not even being taught. Many psychotherapists of all professions have been intimidated by specious neuro-biochemical theories, while others have simply given up. And now, there aren’t many remaining good therapists in practice anymore.

It’s Time to Scrap “Innocent By Reason of Insanity”

A crime should be defined by criminal behavior, not the state of mind of the accused.

Enough Is Enough Series #3: A Hallucinogen for Depression?

Now we have the false promise that the hallucinogen Ketamine, street name - Special K - raises hope as a treatment for depression. This tells us how far afield, my field, psychiatry has really gone - that it is even a consideration to use an hallucinogen for the treatment of depression.

Who Is Responsible for Your Teenager's Behavior?

Yes, a teenager is responsible for his actions. But he is still learning, and learns from taking responsibility. He still needs his parents’ vigilance, guidance, boundaries and love, so that he does not go too far astray, as well as being well-enough raised from the very beginning. So in that sense we have responsibility, too.

Robin Williams' Painful Suicide

I have stayed away from speculations about Robin William’s suicide. I don’t know what pushed him over and neither do you. It is important however, to take note that he was taking two antidepressants. And he began taking Seroquel a week before he committed suicide.

The Secret World of Schizophrenia

The treatment for schizophrenia and manic-depression have shockingly deteriorated throughout my professional lifetime, dating back to 1971. During the hopeful period of deinstitutionalization, it seemed like we were turning the corner. Finally, an enlightened age, finally. It didn’t happen.

Erasing Bad Memories Is a False Cure for PTSD

Creating the false promise that one can zap the brain and magically treat PTSD and depression misleads a gullible public. This kind of extrapolation from brain research is a dangerous practice. Lets not add lobotomy by laser to the dark arsenal of the long forgotten sordid history of modalities that act directly on the brain – lobotomies, ECT, and IST.

Are You a Participant or Are You an Observer?

A Participant easily and naturally engages through feeling with others. He is oriented to be immersed in the ‘play of consciousness,’. The natural orientation of an observer, on the other hand, is to process at a distance, He tends toward thinking, caution, circumspection, reticence, and figuring things out.

The Creation of a Bully, the Creation of Anxiety

An active temperament predisposes to creating a bully in the context of parental abuse. A passive temperament predisposes to anxiety and masochism in the context of parental abuse.

An Extrovert and an Introvert Were on a Plane

Introversion/Extroversion is the element of temperament that orients the Play of Consciousness from the point of view of ‘self’, or ‘other’. An Introvert who has been subject to abuse tends toward narcissism, while an Extrovert, in the context of abuse, tends toward echoism.

The Nature-Nurture Question: Nature

The operations of nature are not defined by genetically determined physiological brain mechanisms–genes, neurotransmitters, localized areas of cortex, etc.–as is commonly believed. Rather, they come from our genetically programmed temperaments. The role of temperament is to field and digest the impacts of "nurture" in the construction of consciousness.

The Nature-Nurture Question – Nurture

The Nature-Nurture question is the big question, It is central for psychiatry, childrearing and neuroscience. And of course, the answer is… its not either/or, but both. But this answer is insufficient on the face of it. We need to understand what nature and nurture really are, and how they actually work together.

The Idea That Suicide Is Caused by a Gene Defect Is Absurd

The idea that suicidality is caused by a defect in a gene is a total absurdity. And cortisol can predict suicidality? What has happened that this is even taken seriously?

"Evidence-Based" Psychiatry Is Evidence in Name Only

I completely agree that we need good science for psychotherapy and neuroscience. In truth, we need good science for psychiatry as a whole. We need good science. But "Evidence-based" psychiatry is evidence in name only, no substance.

Consciousness Encompasses and Reflects Chaos and Order

Chaos and order is the big subject of the universe – the creation of order out of chaos and the eventual return to randomness. By operating in a balanced way between order and chaos, the brain integrates new information, chaos, with its already stored order, present in memory as the ‘play’ of consciousness.

Yes, Psychotherapy Is the Answer

Psychotherapy is a rewarding and effective practice that encompasses the depth and reach of human nature. It effectively heals psychiatric symptoms, the struggles of human character, and allows for the recovery of authenticity and the capacity to love. Dispensing drugs is destructive and ineffective. If we let psychotherap die, then we will have to invent it all over again

A Unified Field Theory of Consciousness

The key to consciousness is that it is created by the limbic-cortical mappings of experience. A theory of consciousness has to correspond to the actualities of human nature. It has to be consonant with the living of a human life.

Ray Kurzweil’s "Hybrid Thinking" Misunderstands the Brain

Ray Kurzweil’s presentation of 'Hybrid Thinking' does not grasp the biological operations of the brain and consciousness. Sentience and the limbic-cortical play is what makes us human. His hybrid would make us robotic and more like a machine. I find this a scary proposition.

The Secrets of Consciousness

In order to comprehend the workings of human consciousness, we need to understand its biological function, its Darwinian evolution as well as the specific development of each of our brains.

Enough is Enough – Amphetamines for Toddlers is a Travesty.

Enough is enough – amphetamines for toddlers is a travesty. We are talking about two and three year old children, 10,000 of them, drugged with amphetamines. This is not some bad sci-fi movie. This is America 2014.

Do Lower Life Forms and Inanimate Matter have Consciousness?

I conclude 100% that lower life forms and inanimate matter are not sentient and have no consciousness. Consciousness exists solely as a brain function of the limbic cortex. And pansychism is a fantasy.

No, It’s Not the Neurotransmitters

Depression is not a biological disease, caused by an imbalance of serotonin and the other neurotransmitters. It is incumbent to present a valid understanding of depression, the brain, and consciousness and the appropriate treatment.


Marijuana is a psychedelic drug that alters the consciousness of habitual users and damages the brains of children and adolescents. Getting ‘high’ affects the limbic feeling centers of the brain and alters the very play of consciousness itself. It not only alters and damages motivation and thinking, but most importantly, it removes the user from the feeling of his Being.

The True Explanation of Savantism, Acquired or Autistic

Savantism results from damage to Cortical Top Down Processing. In autism there is damage to the top down processing of the Play of Consciousness itself.

The Brain Is NOT a Computer Stuck on Top of a Body

There is a major fallacy in neuroscience about the brain that of all things has ascended to the status of belief—that the brain is a computer stuck on top of a body, that it is an experimental machine that anticipates, guesses, and self corrects. But, in fact, the brain operates in an entirely different fashion.

It’s Time to Address the Marijuana Issue

The substance abuse epidemic is so incredibly destructive to the well-being of our society – to our children, our adolescents, as well as adults. While we are going to great lengths to curtail cigarettes and nicotine, we are legalizing marijuana which is far more destructive.

Where the Wild Things Are and Where They Belong

As much as we loved our amazing parrot, Lulu, we learned the hard way, that wild animals and birds should not be pets. She should have been in Brazil where she could take to the skies and laugh and clown and play parrot games with her flock.