This book, Zoobiquity, is written by an MD and a writer and that is about all you need to know. They both have their biases and limitations. The writer can write but doesn’t know much about science. The doctor can treat heart patients but is shocked to find out that animals are similar to humans. Aren’t we animals, too? After all, we share the same DNA. Didn’t either ever take a college course in ethology, comparative psychology, or zoology? The doctor’s lack of knowledge about animals and animal behavior is shocking. She knew nothing of Konrad Lorenz, Niko Tinbergen or E.O. Wilson – these scholarly giants of animal behavior.  Perhaps, she should have been required to take a psychology class at her undergraduate institution. It is sad to me that our doctors are so narrow in their preparation.

Or at least, didn’t the authors have pets as children? Read Dr. Doolittle or Jane Goodall? Anybody who spent a little time with a dog or cat would not share the naïve insights of this doctor. And, unfortunately that is what compromises most of this book….naive insights. I picked it up hoping that it would have some scientific foundation. Sadly, it is very weak in science. That this book got so much media attention is embarrassing. The best thing about this book is the title. But, the originality stops here. Read the title but don’t buy the book. Save your money.

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