De-crazifying Crypto, Part II: An Open Letter to Wall Street

Bitcoin may end up a bubble, but the total market cap for all blockchain ventures in a decade could be in the hundreds of billions. So focus on blockchains, not bitcoins.

GoT Innovation?

There are subtle lessons about innovation and leadership in Game of Thrones. Here's an exploration of four paths to entrepreneurial success, or the Iron Throne.

Decrazifying Cryptocurrency

Curious about the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution? Here's a balanced analysis of what's going on with Bitcoin, the "Kim Kardashian of currency".

Innovation Handmaids

What can The Handmaid's Tale teach us about technology innovation?

The Blockchain Is Being Under-Hyped

Is the blockchain actually being overhyped? Or underhyped? Here's a deep dive into the three waves of blockchain innovation about the hit the global business infrastructure...

How Brand Challenges Can Build Corporate Character

A key lesson for all companies in the wake of United Airlines’ “re-accommodation” debacle is the realization that character matters in development of your customer experience.

The Secret Within Milton’s Secret

The film "Milton's Secret" shows a refreshing solution to the extremely difficult problem of bullying: Mindfulness.

The Battle of the Archetypes

Using a modern slant on Jungian analysis, the masculine and feminine archetypes are at war – understanding group dynamics and collective psychology is how politicians win.

Feel the Singularity

Should we redistribute existing wealth or create new wealth? Here's some quantum thinking about the economy.

Happiness Is a Warm Scrum Team

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, written by Jeff Sutherland, is an indispensable guide to the Agile revolution and argues for changing the way we work.

The Innovation Bucket List

Creating an innovation bucket list is an exercise that can clarify your creative and innovation goals.
Innovation in Haute Cuisine

Innovation in Haute Cuisine

One of the most exciting arenas of innovation is in the world of haute cuisine. This article deconstructs the innovative spirit of cuisine d'art, and shows how you can learn everything you need about innovation by understanding how these multi-star Michelin restaurants succeed -- the 5 S's of startup success: spunk, seeing, spark, spine and simplicity. Bon appetit!

The Power of Humor in Ideation and Creativity

The hallmark of a really effective brainstorming is an abundance of genuine and heartfelt laughter.
The Secret of Life by Walter Mitty

The Secret of Life by Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a deeply spiritual film that quietly celebrates the pronounced joy and healing nature of being fully present. A rare, unique, and truly beautiful film that offers the kind of charm, character, and wisdom the world is hungry for.

On the Nature of Hope and Its Significance in Innovation

The concept of hope has intrigued many scholars, including psychologists, philosophers, theologists, and doctors. Health practitioners have recognized the importance of hope, which is probably the most important emotion underlying remission and well-being, and possibly for innovation too. It's the secret sauce for achieving indefatigability.

Innovation and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Last year’s film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel expresses a useful metaphor that informs us about how keep our companies agile, open to change, and innovative. In the film, each of the characters illustrate the emotions of grief. And so, hidden within the film is a map for revitalizing your company.

The Virtues of Austerity

There are two ways to manage either a company or country during a downturn. One is a knee-jerk reaction to cut costs. The other path is based an unshakable belief in your innovative chutzpah, and is the path Steve Jobs took at Apple. To do so we must learn the difference between good and bad austerity, and between smart and dumb stimulus.

Ya Gotta Drip Some Sweat to Change Things

Reinvigorating a mature company requires just as much commitment and dedication as it would take for an out-of-shape fifty-year-old to drop thirty pounds, train himself to run a marathon, and to regain the vigor and agility of youth. To achieve true change requires that you literally rewrite the DNA of your corporate culture, it requires you to drip sweat.

The Difference Between Cliffs and Comebacks

Every time unemployment rises, the budget deficit also rises. This is because the budget deficit is primarily a function of the government's inability to collect enough tax revenue from unemployed people. The solution to our economic problems isn't going to come by focusing on the ceiling, but rather, on how to break through it.
2012, The Greatest Year of All Time for Humanity

2012, The Greatest Year of All Time for Humanity

2012 was the greatest year of all time for humanity. You read that right. Global poverty has declined radically. The death toll inflicted by war is at an all time low. There has never been less hunger, less disease or more prosperity. It's true, we are now living in a golden age.

Meaning, Faith and the Life of Pi

Just as the exquisite beauty of the ocean is revealed just beneath the drama unfolding on the lifeboat, the true meaning of the film lies beneath the surface of the story.

The Anatomy of Entrepreneurial Motivation

What does it take to become one of those entrepreneurs with enough internal motivation to get up at dawn, be the first one in the office, and kick ass all day? Here's the research and five steps to rev up some breakthrough motivation and put some steel in it.

On Learning Resilience and Equanimity

Equanimity, compassion and cooperation are the hallmarks of not only a truly great innovator, but a great leader as well – one who could help to build a better world. Hurricane Sandy is actually as an opportunity to cleanse the country of its polarization, and show the world the best of what we can be as a people and a country.

Why Many Brainstorms Suck

When managed ineptly, brainstorming are ineffective and a gloomy confirmation of the worst qualities of your corporate culture. Here are the top three reasons why your company sucks at brainstorming... and how you can fix them.
America in a Lost Decade

America in a Lost Decade

America is now immersed in a "lost decade" caused by deflationary price expectations. Here's a tip about how America can fight its way out of it.

The Evolution of Innovation

Just as humans evolve, so too does the process of innovation. Innovators have evolved from being hunter gatherers of ideas, to the usage of early tools, to creating idea factories with pipelines of intellectual property, and are now entering a "third wave" of innovation -- which will someday lead to a critical mass singularity of new innovation tools and methodologies.

Innovation and Sun Tzu's Art of War

The Art of War is the military classic written by the Chinese philosopher-general and military strategist, Sun Tzu, and managers and leaders increasingly seek to apply its principles to their business challenges. Here is a novel look at Sun Tzu as advice for innovators.

Unleashing Your Inner Steve Jobs Part 4

Innovation theory says all you have to do to create effective innovation teams is to cover the skill bases. When you actually apply these rules, with real people, unpredictable chemical reactions happen. Studying Steve Jobs, and film directors like James Cameron and Clint Eastwood, reveals insights about how to keep those reactions from exploding.

Unleashing Your Inner Steve Jobs Part 3

Steve Jobs was the CEO of two major companies simultaneously - Apple in the morning, Pixar in the afternoon. Understanding why was Jobs successful as the world's most famous 'parallel' entrepreneur reveals the unique mental skills he developed - that are applicable for everyone wanting to run just one company.

Innovation in Psychology

A new film, A Dangerous Method, provides an unflinching perspective on the invention of "the talking cure," as Sigmund Freud called it. In addition to being a terrific movie, it also provides some insights about the art of innovation and invention.