Seeing Is Researching

If eyes could see. Well, then what? Neuroscientists are studying how the brain learns to see in older children cured of blindness. Brain development is full of surprises.

Eating Disorders: A Fish Story

Even Goby fish do it. Dieting, that is. Some eat less on purpose, nearly starving themselves. Why?

The Gene-ius Pool

If I were to walk along the beach, I'd see sand, surf and sun. If I were Steven Spielberg, I'd envision HUGE WHITE SHARK ATTACKING TERRIFIED PEOPLE and go home to create an iconic film. Hollywood has labeled Spielberg "a genius" at movie-making. But what exactly defines genius?

Passion Flows Out of the Lab

I remember the day in 1990 when the construction workers finished the wall. It became a metaphor for what the research lab was doing to my love of science...