Is Depression Caused by an Inflammation to the Brain?

New results strongly indicate that serotonin-altering drugs (SSRIs) may not work directly by inhibiting the serotonin transporter but may have an impact on the immune system.

Ketamine: The New Wonder Drug for Depression

Ketamine could be our first real wonder drug for the treatment of serious depression. But how does it work exactly?

Number One Reason SSRIs Take Four to Six Weeks to Work

It is peculiar that the common antidepressants SSRIs do not kick in for a long time. There is, however, a good scientific explanation of why they do not.

Hate Crimes Spurned By Group-Based Hatred

Hate speech is “the willful denigration of others based on ... group characteristics.” There is currently no clear legislation against hate speech in the U.S.

Linda The Bank Teller Case Revisited

The skill of providing answers on the basis of the meaning that is literally given to us is not typically a useful skill.

Quadriplegic: How Does Sex Work?

Tiff's injury left her paralyzed in her legs, hands, and triceps. How does sex work under these conditions? Tiff explains.

Why Do We Dream We Are Flying?

The important difference between the function of dreams and the meaning of dreams.

5 Clues to Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Because passive-aggressive behavior is implicit or indirect, it can be hard to spot. Here are five ways to know if you're dealing with a passive-aggressive person.

6 Disastrous Job Interview Blunders

Don't commit one of the deadly blunders that fell many inexperienced interviewees. Following this advice can help you land your dream job.

There's Nothing Wrong With a Low Sex Drive

If you are not interested in sex, and it really bothers you, then there are pharmaceutical and natural remedies that can help.

Are You Living Up to Your Full Potential?

Adaptive preferences can increase life satisfaction.

Nature or Nurture? Brain Science and Biological Essentialism

It is not unlikely that lived experiences as a man or woman in a wider sense of these words can alter gene expression.

Having A Child Means Giving Up Basic Needs

People need to feel autonomous. This is a dictum most people will agree to. But parenting seems to be inconsistent with personal autonomy.

Is There Consciousness in Everything?

A new volume of papers on panpsychism—the view that every physical particle in the universe harbors consciousness—discusses the roots of consciousness.

Children: Stairway to Heaven?

“The dirty little secret of parenthood ... is that those first 18 years of of parenting are the most difficult, most exhausting, least fulfilling years of anyone’s life."

10 Ways to Spot an Emotionally Immature Adult

Little Princes and Princesses are grown men or women who act like they are selfish children, narcissistic teenagers, or irresponsible young adults.

Is There Such a Thing as a Vaginal Orgasm?

Orgasm, for most women, requires rhythmic stimulation of multiple parts of the entire clitoris as well as the nipples.

Humans Are Not the Only Mind-Reading Species

A study published in Science suggests that the great apes can attribute false beliefs to others. But an even more important lesson can be drawn from the study.

Why Don't We Want Birth Control Pills for Men?

If male and female contraception in the form of an injection or a pill are about equally effective and have similar side effects, both ought to be made available to us.

How a Coma Made a Young Man Suddenly Speak Fluent Spanish

Sixteen-year-old Reuben Nsemoh was playing soccer when he got hit on the head and ended up in a coma. When he woke up, spoke Spanish fluently. How is that possible?

The Deviant Psychologies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

In Sex and the City Carrie's love interest, Mr. Big, a real-estate mogul, is compared to Trump, which raises the question: which television character is Hilary Clinton?

The Power of Personality

These are the ways to make a real change to the main facets of extroversion.

10 Subtle Signs of Psychosis

There are a number of subtle signs that you or a loved one may be mildly psychotic. Read on to find out what to look for.

Personality and the Brain, Part 8

Knowing how the brain works, how it specializes for certain tasks and what triggers changes in the brain’s structural connections can help you change your personality.

Personality and the Brain, Part 7

After his injury, music literally draws Derek Amato's attention away from other tasks he has to perform.

Personality and the Brain, Part 6

After his brain injury, Derek Amato became more agreeable and empathetic, suggesting that personality is not set in stone.

Personality and the Brain, Part 5

People's psychic abilities can be explained by a peculiar crossing of the senses.

Personality and the Brain, Part 4

When the bossy left hemisphere is “shushed” and the creative right brain is allowed to “speak,” artistic talent proliferates.

Personality and the Brain, Part 3

When the connection between the emotional brain and the front of the brain is damaged, people have trouble interpreting or feeling their emotions.

Personality and the Brain, Part 2

“Leigh used to be the class clown,” Amber said. “She would immediately shift a sinister atmosphere into a cheerful one. Now she barely smiles."