Five Behaviors to Avoid If Your Partner Wants Out

Is your partner considering divorce?

The Power of the Positive Brain

When you constantly remind yourself how you’ve repeatedly swung and missed, you’re setting yourself up to keep making the same mistakes.

How and When to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

New research indicates that 90% of kids learn about sex from online porn.
Katie Solerno/Pexels

For More Sex in Marriage...Think About It

Is your marriage suffering from a lack of increased love and intimacy? Try this...

How to Rescue a Relationship

Stop pointing fingers. Start working together.
Alejandra Quiroz used with permission

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Have Affairs

Affairs often have very little do with the other person. Instead, they reveal a deep, inner longing to be noticed and valued.
JD Stockholm

Do Your Expectations Get In the Way Of Your Happiness?

With every job you’ve ever taken, have you noticed a stark difference between what you initially thought the job was going to be like and what it actually turned out to be like six months later?
Scott Webb

Do You Suffer From Mental Myopia?

When our mental myopia minimizes another human being to just one characteristic (typically negative), we aren’t granting them the same value, dignity, and worth we would want granted to ourselves in the same situation.

The Anxious Stories We Tell Ourselves

Stop jumping to conclusions.