The 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People

Being authentic requires a different approach to life—here's what you need to know:

The Surprising Upside of Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame are extremely unpleasant emotions that can cause deep psychological wounds and impact our lives in significant ways--but might they also have an upside?

Is Your Job Ruining Your Marriage?

Most of us have had the impulse to yell at our boss or even burst into tears at work—but we typically don’t, because we don’t want to get fired. But suppressing our emotions at work can have a big impact on our home lives. Here's why:

10 Surprising Reasons You Shouldn't Brood

We typically try to process painful or upsetting experiences by self-reflecting and thinking about them. While it is common to replay distressing events in our minds, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to do it. Do you know the difference?

What the Experts Really Think About '50 Shades of Grey'

What relationship experts really think about the book and upcoming movie may surprise you...

Can Leadership Be Learned or Are You Born with It?

Promotions to positions of leadership are a mixed blessing for those whose leadership skills are weak. But are leadership skills hereditary or can they be acquired? Read on to find out:

How Coping with Chronic Illness Impacts Loneliness

While it has been well established that chronic loneliness has a significant impact on our physical health and longevity, two new studies are providing fascinating information about how chronic illness impacts loneliness, as well as about how our coping mechanisms influence both our psychological and our physical health.

7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid After a Breakup

One of the main reasons it takes so long to recover from heartbreaks is people usually indulge in thoughts and behaviors that actually makes things worse. To stop hurting sooner rather than later, there are seven mistakes to avoid when you’ve experienced a painful heartbreak:

How Cellphone Use Can Disconnect Your Relationship

Do you feel neglected when your partner is on their phone? Does your time together get disrupted by texts, emails, or games? Has technology intruded on your romantic relationship? If so you are hardly alone. A new study from Brigham Young University examined how technology interferes with relationships.

10 Surprising Facts About Failure

You cannot always control whether you fail in life but you can and need to control how you respond once you do.

5 Reasons You May Not Achieve Your Goals

As December winds to a close, millions of people participate in a ritual that begins with excitement, optimism and hope and quickly descends into bitterness, disappointment, and self-loathing—and no, I’m not talking about visiting ones family for the holidays, I’m talking about making New Year Resolutions.

12 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight over the Holidays

Yes there are too many parties, too much food, too many sweets and cakes and treats, but if you have the right plan you can manage all of these temptations and still allow yourself to indulge once in a while. Here are twelve tips that will help you get through the season without gaining weight.

The Problem With Judging Your Partner on a Pass-Fail Basis

Do you know what system you use to evaluate the efforts of your partner? The answer might surprise you (especially if you don't think you use any system at all).

Medical Science Journal Concludes Men are Idiots

A well-known scientific medical journal just concluded men are idiots. Here’s what made them do it:

Has Your Relationship Stalled? How Can You Tell?

Why do couples stay in doomed relationships when everyone around them can tell things are going poorly? Read on to find out.

5 Steps to Better Emotional Hygiene

In much the same way dental hygiene involves brushing our teeth and flossing every day and personal hygiene involves cleaning ourselves and taking care of physical injuries when we sustain them—emotional hygiene refers to being mindful of our psychological health and adopting brief daily habits to monitor and address psychological wounds when we sustain them.

Why Teens with Low Self-Esteem Become Depressed as Adults

When teenagers’ self-esteem is low they are more likely to have mental health problems as adults. Here’s why:

5 Questions You Have to Answer Before Asking for Advice

We ask for advice on matters large and small but do we go about it the best way or should we rethink how we go about seeking other people's opinion?

10 Things You Didn't Know About Guilt

Guilt is an extremely common feeling but few of us realize how profoundly it can impact our lives in both conscious and unconscious ways.

When You're OK With Yourself, You're Better Together

If you improve your self-esteem will your partner be happier too? Read on to find out.

5 Questions You Need to Answer Before You Complain

Do you know how to express relationship complaints productively? Here’s the guide you need.

10 Surprising Facts About Loneliness

Many of us will feel lonely in our lifetimes but few of us realize how drastically loneliness can impact our psychological and physical health.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Self-Esteem

We all covet higher self-esteem and yet so few of us know what it actually is and how it operates. Read on to find out:

What Malala Yousafzai Teaches Us About Psychological Health

Malala Yousafzai can teach us a lot about psychological health and emotional resilience.

Lab Successfully Grows Penises for Human Transplantation

Now that we have the capability to transplant a penis, who should benefit?

One Way to Get Your Passion Back

Maintaining passion in a long term relationship is a challenge. Here’s what you can do to recapture your feelings when the love has faded.

10 Quick Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood

Do you know what’s causing your bad mood? Here are the most common culprits and what you can do about them.

When Does Rejection Hurt Us Most?

Over 200 people responded to a survey asking when in life they experienced the most rejection. Here’s what they had to say:

Why Having a Best Friend Can Be Dangerous for Teen Girls

Having a best friend forever is something every adolescent girl wants. But a new study found that having a best friend comes with real dangers to a teenaged girls' mental health. Read on to learn why and what parents can do about it.

Why Action Movies Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

What you watch has a shocking impact on what you eat Here’s what you need to know: