I scoured the internet looking for the funniest kids’ letters to Santa. As you will see, letters to Santa reveal cultural memes as well as personal desires. Here are the top five, ranked by funniest first. Of course, humor is subjective, so if you know of a funnier letter to Santa, please let me know in the comments section and I will consider including it in a future post.

Funniest Letters to Santa

1. By far the funniest letter I found is from The Ugly Volvo.com, a mommy blog by comedian Raquel D’Apice. The title is A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter to Santa, so yes, technically it wasn’t written by a kid. But if her baby could write, he would definitely write this. Following are the first two items in the list. Click here to read the full letter.

Dear Santa,

I am a ten-month-old baby and I write because my mother has been sending out my “Christmas List” to people, and her list does not in any way represent the things I really want. And I know you’re ready to make the joke about ten month-old babies and how all we want is the wrapping paper and the boxes. Touché, SantaTouché. We do, of course, want those things. But I have a number of additional things I want very badly.

My list is enclosed below. Have a lovely holiday.

-Ten Month-Old Baby


[Click here for the Ten-Month-Old’s full list]

2. This is from WGNA.com. Sometimes a few words can reflect the attitude of an entire generation, as I believe this letter does. Click here to see the full article.


3. The next one is from List 25.com, who actually have two entries, both shall we say, on the slightly aggressive side. Here is the first. Click here to see the full article.

 4. And here’s is the second from List 25.com. I love the redactions.

5. Finally, this one was featured on many sites but I found it first at Go Lolz.com. I chose it because adults feel exactly the same way. Click here for the full article.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Again, please suggest your own funniest letters in the comment section.

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Happy Holidays!

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