If for Just One Day We Could Smell as a Dog Does

Imagine, for a moment, walking into a large gathering and instantly, with just a sniff or two, knowing intimately more about the people around you.
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More Fully Living in the Present and Loving in Relationships

In spite of the spotlights shining down at the podium, I could make out her face through the dimly lit houselights...
Teddy Hugo Walker/Nuzzle

Finding Empathy and Ethics When the Odds Feel Overwhelming

How an hour spent with a dog can align us with our values.

Animals' Healing Touch - Body, Mind, Spirit

In little more than their presence, animals help us stay grounded.

Where Our Brain Ends and Our Mind Begins

Although monkeys and moon bears surely differ, I am struck far more by their likenesses.

Still Lonely and Friendless After 25 Years?

Embodying the loneliness of the human condition.

10 Things Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human

Perhaps we should turn to our dogs and cats to remind us what's most important.

How Can We Walk in An Animals' Shoes?

How would our lives be changed if we saw the world from our dogs' perspective?

Reaching Back 30,000 Years: What Draws Us to Animals?

In the flickering torchlight, at the dawn of our humanity...

When We Look Into Another's Eyes

Does it matter if we're gazing at a loved one or a dog we may meet at the park?

In Our Yearning to Be Loved ...

We reach out to others out of a longing we hold deep within to share what we feel and be loved by another.

Who Listens to You Best?

Based on the findings from a recent survey, should fate somehow leave us for the rest of our days on an island living with one single companion, most of us would choose a dog or cat above a human (stranger, family, or even best friend).

The Animal Within Us?

The animal we briefly glimpse at times is not some malevolent predator, lurking inside us and ready to pounce, bent on some instinct to bring others harm.