The Writer's Laboratory #1: Intro to a New Blog Series

The Writer's Laboratory combine two passions—psychology and writing fiction—in a way that teaches others how to become more honest (and therefore better) writers

Describing Sexual Assault in a Language Men Can Understand

Female victims' sexual assault stories often fail to resonate with men. But Terry Crews describes his experience in terms with which men can empathize.

Are Men Socialized to Prey on Women?

Research shows the common men-as-predator and women-as-prey metaphor of dating may encourage men's sexual misconduct.

Surprising yet Simple Tips for Making a Love Connection

Three simple tips for increasing your attractiveness while on a date

Do 'Ugly Duckling' Stories About Beauty Harm Women?

Many beloved stories and movies communicate the message that "beauty is malleable." But a new set of studies show how this message sets women up for future appearance issues.
Why New Year Day’s is the Worst Day to Start Your Resolution

Why New Year Day’s is the Worst Day to Start Your Resolution

Late night partying and end-of-year deadlines make January 1st the worst day to start a new goal
The Dark Side of New Year’s Resolutions

The Dark Side of New Year’s Resolutions

Can striving for self-improvement harm you?

Is Dexter a Successful Psychopath?

Why do "normal" people enjoy watching a television show about a serial killer? Maybe it is because Dexter gives us a peek into the rarely explored and misunderstood mind of a "successful" psychopath.

Seeing Red: Does Wearing Red Make You Sexy?

Does wearing red make you more appealing to the opposite sex?

Why Would a Child Falsely Accuse her Mother of a Crime?

Today it was reported that Tonya Craft, a former kindergarten teacher accused of molesting three young girls inlcuding her daughther, was acquitted of all 22 charges against her. What could lead a daughter to make false accusations about her own mother?

Mind the Gap: Who Falls Prey to the Math Gender Gap?

One personality characteristic plays a significant role in the math gender gap.

Pop and Prejudice

Humans are fascinated by prejudice, and our interest in this topic can easily be seen in our films, television shows, books and plays.

Do Opposites Really Attract?

Implicit egotism makes us attracted to people and things with similar names as ours.