Feeling Lonely Sometimes….

You may have 1000 friends on Facebook and still feel lonely

Loneliness and Internet Use

At any given moment, hundreds of millions of people from all around the world are surfing the Internet, People rely on such networks to build and maintain their social contacts. Whether this new opportunity to be in social contact around the clock has enhanced people's well-being ?

Freud and the Internet

Freud’s great contribution is not only in understanding the mind but also in forming an approach to therapy for people whose minds are suffering — that is, psychoanalysis. The possibility of online emotional therapy came up even in the Internet’s early days. Nonetheless, I believe that if we could ask Freud, he would oppose the critics and support online therapy.


All the advantages of the Internet are at the service of terrorists. The exploit them for organizing, planning, and executing their attacks on innocent people.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

The Internet arena is a narcissist’s paradise.

How We Can Use the Internet to Resolve Intergroup Conflict

I believe that online intergroup contact will have a tremendous impact on reducing many of the major disputes between communities throughout the world.

Introduction to Internet Psychology

"what on earth has psychology got to do with the Internet?"