Evidence-Based Practice: The Misunderstandings Continue

The concept of evidence-based practice has been widely misunderstood. A new, widely distributed essay perpetuates still more misconceptions about the role of science in the selection and evaluation of psychotherapies.
Beware the Regression Fallacy

Beware the Regression Fallacy

It's that time of the year again - losing football teams are firing their coaches. But will it help? Probably not. Like many erroneous inferences in life, including jinxes, they may be falling prey to a cognitive illusion - the regression fallacy.

Coma, Dubious Science, and False Hope

 Recent uncritical media coverage of a man in a coma communicating ignores scientific findings.

The Rorschach-Wikipedia Kerfuffle Continues

People's reactions to the posting of the inkblots provides something of a Rorschach test itself.

The Polygraph Test Strikes – and Strikes Out – Again

Is the polygraph test an infallible detector of the truth? Hollywood portrayals aside, the answer is an unambiguous no. And I'm not lying.

Michael Jackson, Truth Serum, and False Memories

I do not know whether Michael Jackson ever molested a child. I do know, however, that recent press coverage of the sexual abuse charges against Jackson has typically omitted one crucial fact.  

Recent Negative Findings for Gene-Environment Interaction in Depression Impart Useful Lessons

Recent negative findings regarding the genetic and environmental influences on depression may have left some discouraged. But these findings show psychological science working at its best - and highlight a rare case in which the news media got things right.

Is Positive Psychology for Everyone?

New research raises further doubts about the widespread claim that "accentuating the positive" works for everyone. In fact, for some people, positive thinking may even backfire.

The Autism Fad Parade Continues

We've recently witnessed yet another new entry into the seemingly never-ending parade of autism fads - Lupron.  Will the fate of this one be any different from the others?  There is ample reason for skepticism.