Trick or treat?  Watch out for these crazy Halloween costume choices and find out what's really going on behind that mask.

Werewolf - Nothing says "I'm struggling with adolescent hormonal and sexuality issues" like a creature with bad body odor and hair growing everywhere that gets really moody at certain times of the month.

Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga - Could there be a more neurotic costume choice?  Dressing up like one of these glitzy pop stars screams of internal emotional and gender conflict.  Dying for attention, but desperate for privacy.  Baby, they're just born that way.

Harry Potter/Superman - Sure they seem great and wonderful at first, but in reality they're self-righteous dullards with savior complexes who really believe that the world would be a better place if we just had more of them around.  See Scott Barry Kaufman's: How to Spot a Narcissist.

Vampires - In contrast to the indestructible egotism of the superheroes, vampires are the fragile narcissists of the Halloween haunt.  While they seem smooth, sexy, and charming on the surface, they actually feel dead inside and see nothing when they look in the mirror.  They're also witheringly self-conscious about their breath (absolutely no garlic!) and their general appearance (they wouldn't be caught dead in the harsh light of day).


What are YOU going to wear this year?

Ghosts - Parents who dress their kids up like ghosts are sending a clear message to their children that they want them out of the house.

Wonder Woman - "I have an invisible jet!"  Sure you do, Wonder Woman.  Suuuure you do.

Iron Man - Don't let that suit fool you.  It's not powered by arc reactor technology.  It's fueled by 'roids.

Luke Skywalker/Princess Leia - Two words: "Father issues".  Paging Dr. Freud.

Where's Waldo? - This paranoid pedestrian is busy trying to hide from unseen strangers looking to hunt him down.

Mad Scientist - They may go out looking for Nerds and Smarties, but what they end up sacked with is a mountain of student loan debt and hundreds of pages of grant applications.  No wonder they've gone crazy.

Have a safe, sane, and happy Halloween!

By Jared DeFife, Ph.D.
© October 19, 2011 (original article link:

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