Bright Minds, Anxious Hearts: 9 Secrets of a 'Magnet Mind'

Passionate for learning, emotionally intense, frequently indecisive, and highly achievement striving. What happens when gifted kids grow up to become bright, sensitive adults?

When You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back

How far would you go to pursue someone who didn't love you back? Author and NYTimes Modern Love column contributor Lisa A. Phillips shares her own story of romantic obsession.

How to Survive Your Wedding Planning Stress

As if the stress and sleepless nights aren’t bad enough, wedding planning stress can place some serious strains on a new relationship. Here's how to survive the experience...

Five Psychology Podcasts to Broaden Your Mind in 2016

Now that you’ve finished binge-watching Making a Murderer and Serial season 2 just isn’t cutting it for you, here’s a list of five psychology podcasts to broaden your mind in 2016.

This Trait Costs Men Money, but Makes Them Marriage Material

Would you rather have a broke partner or a broken heart?

Sorry, I Can’t Fix Your Clueless Husband

What can you do if your husband won't get marriage counseling? More than you think.

The Headlines You've Written About Yourself Are Wrong

Sometimes the hardest trap to break free from is the one you've built for yourself. Our quick, easy, automatic, and overly simplistic labels can hold us back in work, love, and play. The scary part is that we might not even see it happening.
Burned Out?  Three Bright Ideas to Light Up Your Life

Burned Out? Three Bright Ideas to Light Up Your Life

Ever heard that old about “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer you think you know is dead wrong. Find out why…

Psychology Meets History in 'Lincoln'

What does the film show us about the rough and tumble work of leadership, the delicate balance of family and career concerns, and how individual morality shapes our decisions and our history?

Music. Food. Love.

Sidewalk Radio host Gene Kansas talks with me and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert master David Coucheron about music, psychology, and a new film.

Got Therapy? 10 Unusual Reasons Why You Should

Pull up a couch and check out these 10 unusual reasons that therapy may be right for you.

Three Myths About Psychotherapy

Three common misconceptions prevent some people from seeking help they can use.

Batman and the Psychology of Trauma

A consideration of the dark themes of pain, anger and fear that shaped the character of Bruce Wayne (Batman).
Crying: An Olympic Event?

Crying: An Olympic Event?

In London this summer, the tears are falling like raindrops. With so much sobbing going on, the press has dubbed the 2012 Olympics as the “Crying Games”. Whether it’s in the pool, on the podium, at the finish line, or even on the Today show, what’s all the crying about?

What We Say Reveals Secrets About Who We Are

The words we use say a great deal about who we are, where we come from, and how we think. Find out what a few simple words can expose about you and your relationships.

5 Tips to Improve Your Scientific Writing

To be a productive scientist and scholar, you need to write well. A few simple to remember tips can help you improve the clarity and impact of your scientific writing.

New Treatments to Combat PTSD

From drugs to digital worlds, researchers are testing innovative treatments for PTSD.

Oops! Another Flawed Report on Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

More double standards and exaggerated critiques against the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy.

The Crying Game: Male Athletes Shedding Tears

Ballers and bawlers: Is it ok for men to cry in sports?

Do Nice Guys Finish Last…Financially?

Easygoing guys and empty bank accounts. Being agreeable just doesn't pay.
10 Psychologically Disturbed Halloween Costume Choices

10 Psychologically Disturbed Halloween Costume Choices

What are YOU wearing this year? Watch out for these crazy Halloween costume choices and find out what's really going on behind that mask.

Is this the End of Individual Psychotherapy?

A former president of the American Psychological Association calls individual therapy overrated and outdated. Wait, what?

One Judgment Day prophecy comes true!

If you're reading this, you probably haven't been Raptured. Judgment Day didn't come to pass on May 21, 2011 as prophesied by Family Radio evangelist Harold Camping, but one doomsday prediction did come true.

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.

According to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping, today is Judgment Day. There's no doubt that the end is near - there's sophisticated Apocalyptic arithmetic involved - but what if Judgment Day doesn't come?

Five Tips on How to Talk About Yourself in Therapy

It's hard to get much done in psychotherapy without talking about yourself. Five things you can do to make it easier.

Stuff Psychologists Like #2 - Submitting Papers to Peer-Review Journals

The endless hours of detailed planning, arduous data collection, eye-crossing statistical analysis, and caffeine-fueled writing sessions have finally paid off: you have written a complete research study manuscript.  Here's what to expect from the academic journal peer-review process.

10 Holiday Gifts that Will Cause Your Child Lasting Psychological Damage

These gifts will ruin Christmas and traumatize your child for life.

4 Teen Suicides in Ohio: Is Bullying to Blame?

Four teen suicides have occurred at one Ohio high school in two years.  A fifth student was found dead yesterday.  The community struggles with one question: Why?
Is Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder a fad?

Is Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder a fad?

There was a time when hula hoops, pet rocks, and bell bottoms were fads. In this day and age, listening to Lady Gaga and attending a Justin Beiber concert are fads.When people have trouble with their abilities to work productively, learn new things, and form new relationships, that's not a's a problem.
Stuff Psychologists Like - #1. Diagnosing Fictional Characters

Stuff Psychologists Like - #1. Diagnosing Fictional Characters

Diagnosing fictional characters is fun, informative, and rewarding.