What are your thoughts on and responses to the question:

Should health insurance providers pay for psychotherapy, and why? 

This is one of the most widely discussed and hotly contested debates in the field of mental health.  So, I thought we'd try a little blogging experiment here and collect as many of your comments and opinions as possible on this issue.  If we can get get together enough responses, I'll follow-up with a post synthesizing your answers and add a few thoughts and opinions of my own.

Some related issues that could come up:

For what conditions?  For how long?  For what treatment methods?  Provided by whom?  Is mental illness a medical concern?  Should therapy be covered even if there is no diagnosable or impairing disorder?  In what ways is therapy a luxury item for the worried well, a community service, or a medical treatment?  Are the current costs of therapy fair...or how much should therapy cost?  Who becomes the guide for treatment planning? What therapy information should be given to your insurance companies?

Let your voice be heard by posting a comment below!!!  And spread the discussion...tweet it, facebook post it, blog it, ask at the water-cooler, etc!

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