American Psychological Association says, “Don’t tell patients they can change their sexual orientation.”

The American Psychological Association's (APA) governing Council of Representatives recently adopted a resolution stating that mental health professionals should avoid telling clients that they can change their sexual orientation through therapy or other treatments. They found that such approaches can cause harm and there is little evidence that they change a person's sexual attractions.

What to do when someone calls you an anti-gay name: How to cope with microassaults.

Two very close friends of mine had people yell “fag” at them this last week. Both were upset by what happened. Not crying upset. Not on-the-verge-of-lapsing-into-depression upset. But upset when it happened and still bothered a few days later. What advice do I have for them based on research on coping with discrimination?

Today is National Day of Silence: Remembering Joseph Walker-Hoover

This year I will be commemorating the day of silence by mourning the loss of 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, who hung himself last week after enduring bullying at school, including daily taunts of being gay, despite his mother's weekly pleas to the school to address the problem. Carl, a middle-school student in Massachusetts who did not identify as gay, would have turned 12 today. His death reminds us that you don't have to identify as gay to suffer the negative effects of stigma experienced by LGBT people in our society.

Surprise—Families Matter

A new study reports that young gay people whose parents or guardians responded negatively when they revealed their sexual orientation were more likely to attempt suicide, experience severe depression and use drugs than those whose families accepted the news. What's surprising about these findings is that they are surprising to people.  

The compatibility of same-sex relationships

A new study finds that same-sex couples reported more positive relationship quality and less conflict than heterosexual married couples.

Why Not Allow Gay Marriage?

There has been a lot of recent attention on same sex relationships: What does psychological science have to say on the topic?

From mustard plants to sexuality genes and healthy youth

 How I went from counting hairs on the leaves of mustard plants to exploring the genetics of sexual orientation and health promotion with LGBT youth.

Why am I doing this?

Why am I blogging about sexual orientation, health, and development?