Regular HIV testing is an important way to protect your health and the health of your sexual partners. In fact, if you are a man who has sex with men the CDC recommends that you get tested at least twice a year.  Regular testing is an important health behavior for anyone how has engaged in behaviors that might place them at risk for infection, like unprotected sex or injection drug use.

But how do you get an HIV test and what’s it like?  This video shows how to get an HIV test at Center on Halsted in Chicago, a close collaborator of the IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program at Northwestern University. The testing experience is similar in clinics across the country.

Now that you know what's involved, you can find out where to get a test using this map. Or if you want to get an HIV test at home you can also do that with a kit through the mail.

Dr. Mustanski is the Director of the IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program at Northwestern University. You can follow the Sexual Continuum blog by becoming a fan on Facebook. He periodically live tweets from research conferences on sexuality and you can follow him @sexualcontinuum.

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