LGBT Health and Development Program

At the IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program at Northwestern University we have been focused on using the internet for sexual health education. We use the website to share new research findings and educate young people about how to prevent sexually transmitted infections and improve their sexual health.   For example, we have created a number of videos addressing topics like how to use a male or female condom, and more recently a video about Hip Hop and sexuality.  Creating and sharing these materials is part of our commitment to translate our findings into useful resources for the community.

Recently WBEZ, the Chicago Public Radio station, reported on our Keep It Up! online HIV prevention program for young gay and bisexual men.  You can read the transcript and listen to the story here. 

We are always looking for suggestions for new materials to share to help improve the sexual health of young people so feel free to offer your ideas as a comment to this posting. 

Dr. Mustanski is the Director of the IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program. You can follow the Sexual Continuum blog by becoming a fan on Facebook.  I periodically live tweet from research conferences on sexuality and you can follow me @sexualcontinuum.

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