Sexuality and gender play a big role in shaping identity, but for  much of human history how they are determined has remained unknown. How  does sexual orientation develop? What is it? Can it be changed? What is the relationship between sexuality and gender? How do biology and  culture interact to produce it? The long list of questions that has spanned centuries may finally be getting answers. Hear from some of the leading scientists currently studying the science of sexual orientation and gender identify, answering these complex questions using understandable language.  This excellent video comes from the World of Science Festival panel on the Origins of Sexual Orientation. Participants include Psychologist Dr. Meredith Chivers and Neuroscientists Drs. Jim Pfaus, Marc Breedlove, and Paul Vasey.

We are having some difficulty getting the video embeded into the page, but in the mean time you can watch the video here:  

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