Engaging Young Minds

Does public engagement really work? Yes, if you measure it scientifically.

The Natural Origins of Voodoo

Magical Reasoning in Children

Stepping on Jesus: Is This a Good Exercise?

Is it wrong to ask people to contemplate symbolic destruction or a useful demonstration of the power of emotion?

The Brain Bank

A free web-based teaching resource based on the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. It contains video clips, demonstrations, images and Q&A discussions all aimed at a teenage audience.

Home Sweet Home

Homesickness is rife among university students. Does Thanksgiving help?

Mind-Body Dualism Is Not Always Healthy

Don't pray to be healthier, read some neuroscience.

Life Should Be Awesome

Being in a state of awe alters time perception and feelings of well-being.

How to Excel on an Exam in One Easy Step

Why you are more likely to succeed if your writing is legible.

Why You Don't Use Only Use a Fraction of Your Brain

There is something appealing about the idea that each us harbors untapped powers.

The Selfish Dying

Our autobiographical self is a collection of past experiences and encounters that are selectively filtered and reframed by cognitive biases that serve to maintain a persistent characterization of who we think we are and more importantly, how we would like to be perceived by others.

What is the Self Illusion?

Here is my interview that I just did with Sam Harris, author of "The End of Faith" and other best-selling books. He's also a neuroscientist.

Dark Tourism

There are tourists who want to visit sites associated with death—why?

Why Do We Need a Brain?

Whenever I speak to the general public about the brain, I usually begin with a simple question, “Why do humans need a brain?”