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Handing One Another Along

The use of collective power for those in need

Staying Good in Times of Bad

Let's put "human" back in "humanity."

The Three Hounds of Hell

Three forces deplete our well-being and that of our communities and countries.

The Walking Traumatized: Is This Life in the 21st Century?

Is the 21st century the era of the Walking Traumatized. Ongoing acts of terrorism with 24/7 news and social media coverage would indicate that the answer is yes.

Modern Understandings of 2000 Year-Old Words of Wisdom

Wisdom from the ancients is as applicable today as it was thousands of years ago.

A 500-Year-Old Philosopher's Advice on Life

"All I know is that I know nothing, and I am not even sure about that," wrote Michel de Montaigne more than 500 years ago. What applied then continues to apply today.

Edward Bernays, Uncle Freud, and Betty Crocker

Edward Bernays capitalized on his Uncle Sigmund Freud's theories to sell you products by making you self-conscious.

When Life Can Open Up

Existentialism asks one to consider actions towards a well-lived life. And to understand that anxiety and pain will be part of that path.

When Life Feels Dark

Talking about despair does not have to be avoided. Stepping into the discussion and supporting others offers a shift from no hope to hope.

Charles Darwin and the Foil of New Year's Resolutions

Let Charles Darwin help you make the change you want for 2016 without New Year Resolutions

Adele's Hello: Meaning Making in Secular Ways

How does one making meaning and life an excellent life in today's world? Adele and other artists shine light into those dark corners.

Millennials to the Rescue

How are millennials leading the charge to constructive social change? They are moving away from traditional social approaches to categorization of people (and hence marginalization) to increased inclusion increasing the possible health and well-being of others.

A Spoon Full of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down

One hundred years ago the average American consumed 4 pounds of sugar per year; today that number is 150 to 175 pounds of sugar per year. Can gratitude move us away from extreme ways of living and promote happiness?

Send Me No Roses

Making sense of death and dying. How death inspired odd traditions like: cloaking mirrors, cutting locks of hair, and making death masks.

The Road to Happiness: Paved with Good Intentions

Consumerism run amok. Rethinking the Road to Happiness

Humanism: To Think Is to Act

Humanism: Moving towards pre-frontal cortex functioning and moving away from reptilian brain functioning
May the 3rd Force Be With You

May the 3rd Force Be With You

Rollo May, Fritz Perls, Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow meet in a bar.....

Connect, Act, Evolve

What is today's non-religious approach to community?