Before Adam and Eve

Biblical myths are just that: myths.

Humanists Doing Good in Uganda, Part 2

Humanism and secularism are growing in Africa, and doing good.

Humanists Doing Good in Uganda, Part 1

Humanist schools and orphanages in Africa are helping children in need.

God Has Nothing to Do With Morality

The relationship between God and morality is much more problematic than most people realize.

God Bless Donald Trump

Evangelical Christians' support for Trump is truly damaging.

Trump's Sexism Is Deeply Biblical

The oppression and objectification of women is Biblically-based

Can You Be Secular and Still Love Jesus?

Can one admire Jesus, even if you don't believe that he's the Son of God?

Does It Take Faith to Be an Atheist?

People often claim that it takes more faith to be an atheist than a believer. This is incorrect.

Losing Our Faith

The latest Pew survey shows why many Americans are leaving religion: they lost their faith in God

Jesus, Trump, and American Morality

Jesus and Trump couldn't be more different.

Is Atheism Just Another Religion?

Lacking a belief in the supernatural, atheism is not a religion.

Killing Atheists

Atheists are being murdered in the streets of Bangladesh. Why?

Critiquing Religion

Critiquing religion is not the same thing as critiquing religious people.

My Secular Easter Sunday

What does a religious holiday look like when you’re non-religious?

Remembering Jesus (Or Not)

Leading Jesus scholar discusses his new book and its provocative claims

Secularism and the City

The most secular cities in America are among the best in America.

Secularism and the Internet

The Internet is no friend to religion. Here's why.

Talking to Your Child About God

Answer questions honestly and clearly.

What Does "Agnostic" Mean?

There are some things we just may never know. Deal with it.

How Many Atheists Are There?

There are hundreds of millions of non-believers, worldwide.

The Devil? Seriously?

A majority of Americans believe in the devil. Why?

Secular Values and the Right to Die

Secular values are based on empathy, a cornerstone of the Right to Die movement.

Secularism, Religion, Israel, Palestine

Secular people are more for peace, while religious people are most opposed to it.

Apostasy in Islam

Muslims who reject their religion face serious consequences

Religion, Secularism, and Gay Marriage

Opponents of gay marriage do so on Biblical grounds. But what else does the Bible say about marriage and family life?

Christianity Declining, Secularism Rising

There are fewer Christians and more non-religious Americans than ever before. This is good news, for several reasons.

God, Humans, and the 20th Century

More humans died from diarrhea than all genocides combined.

Secular Man, Religious Funeral

Will your funeral reflect your values?

The Way We Were?

Life was not better when religion was stronger
Freedom of Thought

Freedom of Thought

For secular men and women, freedom of thought is valued above all else.