Dancing Monkeys, Every One Of Us

As the viral video of a few years ago suggests, our self awareness hinders us from fully experiencing our existence, and possibly interferes with experiencing happiness. If we can, as Jon Kabat-Zinn suggests, stop "selfing", perhaps we can transcend the self and become happier.

The Joke's On Who?

Many believe there is a grain or more of truth in every joke. There is some truth to this if you accept Freud's theory. However, humor comes from thought, and all thought is not truth. Some thoughts, in fact, are illogical and don't indicate anything at all. So although humor, and the thoughts that lead to it, can be evaluated, it isn't necessarily true.

Accept Impermanence—Be Happier

Acceptance of reality (as opposed to creating myths about it) will lead to happiness. As such, accepting that permanence is a myth may lead to a happier existence in several ways: Embracing the present, accepting the changes in a relationship, and challenging cognitive distortions when a relationship ends.

Your Dream World

Projection is when an individual attributes something within him or herself onto another. Basically, you see what you are. There are quotes that impart this meaning. Anaïs Nin stated, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” You can use this information to gain more insight and lead a more present life.

Authentic Personal Growth

In several of my recent posts I have focused on choosing who one wants to be. This has been met with some question regarding genuineness. This post attempts to clarify the difference between disingenuous behavior and behavior enhancing authentic personal growth.

Why Don't I Just Shut-Up?

In seeking serenity one must calm their mind. But as Thanissaro Bhikkhu said regarding the advice of his teacher, “If you can't control your mouth, there's no way you can hope to control your mind”.

Politics, Psychology, And Your Decision

There are unconscious psychological aspects that affect one's decisions, and this is also true of casting your vote. Splitting, projection, in group-out group bias, and the idea that appearances affect perception all play a part in the decisions you will make in this election. Becoming conscious of these aspects may at least reduce some of the fervor and animosity.

That's Just How I Am

Questioning why one feels, behaves, and is the way they are is beneficial. Positive change can also come from becoming more conscious. As one makes conscious and concerted effort he or she can make the choice to become more of who they want to be.

Peace, Serenity, And Diving In

There is contrary teaching about whether a detached and objective perspective, or a diving into life leads to more happiness. This post attempts to reconcile the seemingly opposing views.

Using Mortality To Become More Conscious

Facing mortality can motivate one to become more conscious and take control of thinking, thereby allowing the creation of a more ideal self.

The Psychological Aspect Of Siri

The search for the perfect partner is an age old issue. Perhaps, with the advent of Siri, the personal voice assistant in iPhones, Apple is tapping into the psychological desire for the perfect partner, and / or capitalizing on our increased social isolation.

Love's Tug Of War

Love, real love between partners, is a struggle between our desire to provide unconditional love, and our ego need to feel loved.

The Passing Of A Year And The Passing Of Your Life

By viewing your life as more finite, like the year that has just passed, life can become more fulfilling.