It’s Valentine’s Day again, so it must be another anniversary for the Scientific Fundamentalist blog.

When I began blogging for Psychology Today on 14 February 2008, I was one of only four inaugural PT bloggers; it was then a very small operation.  Now, three years later, there are four Schwartzs and four Cohens among more than 1,100 PT bloggers (but still only one Kanazawa and only one Chamorro-Premuzic).  Unfortunately, all of my fellow inaugural PT bloggers – Peter D. Kramer, Dan Ariely, and Helen Fisher – have since stopped blogging for PT.  Nearly 200 posts and 7 million hits later, I’m the only one still standing.

I’ve never quit anything in my life.  I’m still in Boy Scouts.  I have 9,000 badges.  (And I steal jokes from Tina Fey.)

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