How to Make Public Bike-Sharing More Popular

Many consumers see urban bicycling as risky. Managing riders' physical risk perceptions is crucial for adoption & growth of ride-sharing programs.

Is Saving Money Part of Your Lifestyle?

Adopting saving money as a lifestyle that covers a broad set of activities undertaken regularly has financial benefits for consumers.

Why Saving Goals Don’t Always Help Consumers

Research shows goals to save money can backfire, unless they are used carefully by savers.

What Can We Learn from Chipotle’s Harrowing Experience?

The rise and fall of Chipotle teach consumers an important lesson about the two-sided nature of brand promises made by companies.

Why Do Women’s Products & Services Cost More?

Some reasons for a pink tax on women are legitimate but others stem from crafty marketing practices.

How Do Indian Women Fare In An Arranged Marriage?

The newest available data paints a rather gloomy picture & offers few solutions.

Why Do Consumers Hate Uber’s Surge Pricing?

Low normal price, bad timing, and volatility make it seem like price gouging.

How Terrorist Attacks Influence Consumer Behaviors

By triggering twin consumption impulses to seek safety and to live life to the fullest, terrorist attacks have adverse effects on business & the environment.

Why Are So Many Indian Arranged Marriages Successful?

Relinquishing difficult aspects of choice, deciding quickly, and starting the relationship with lower expectations may have upsides for longer-term marital outcomes.

How to Use Social Affinity Groups to Engage Customers

A simple, cheap and effective method to use current social memberships of customers to influence their long-term behaviors.

How to Enjoy (Pretty Much) Any Experience Much More

How to enliven our jaded palates and increase relish in our activities using simple methods.

Can a Celebrity Endorsement Hurt the Brand?

Celebrity endorsements are wildly popular among advertisers. If not used carefully, they can produce a "Vampire Effect" sucking the life-blood out of a brand.

Should You Wear a Costume for Halloween?

The pros and cons of dressing up for undecided readers.

How Much Are Your Shoes Really Costing You?

The sticker price of your shoes is only a small fraction of what they actually cost you. Asking the question "How much will I have to earn to pay for my shoes?" will often lead to a dramatically higher cost calculus.

Why Are FanDuel Television Advertisements So Effective?

Fantasy sports companies make ingenious use of psychology to attract new customers and grow rapidly.

How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Use Psychology to Make Money

All-you-can-eat buffets create the perception of providing variety and quality, but cleverly manipulate customers' choices and portion sizes.

4 Smart Ways to Save $10 on Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

Use research from consumer psychology and marketing science to outwit grocery marketers & save money.

Why Are There So Many Mattress Stores in America?

The answer for the mushrooming of mattress stores lies in a combination of retail economics and the psychology of consumer decision making.

3 Ways In Which Saving Money Can Help You Lose Weight

Most of us are good at controlling our actions in one domain but fail in others. In this article, I will explain reasons why self-restraint success is domain-specific for many of us and suggest three ways in which we can transfer our success in one area to other areas.

What Shoppers Should Know About Reference Prices

Shoppers use prices they know or encounter to judge if a product is cheap or expensive. In this article, I will explain how such reference prices affect shoppers' decisions, and can trick them into making purchases. I will also suggest some ways in which shoppers can protect themselves from the effects of reference prices.

Lessons From Kenyan Consumers About Technology & Marketing

Kenya is the global leader in mobile financial services innovation. I describe the lessons from M-Pesa's success story for technology marketers and consumers.

Will Americans Eat Fewer Subway Sandwiches Because of Jared?

Jared Fogle embodies the Subway brand so his reprehensible actions spell potential doom. However, I argue that any adverse effects to Subway will be temporary, and offer four explanations for such an outcome.

Do Shoppers Benefit From Buying With Subscriptions?

For most shoppers, the potential downsides of subscriptions far outweigh the benefits.

4 Ways to Stop Paying Too Much for Anything

Charm prices (prices that end with the digit 9) are used by retailers because they encourage purchases. In this article, I will explain why charm pricing works and discuss four ways in which shoppers can minimize the effects of charm prices on their buying behavior.

Why Using Coupons Is Bad For Your Wallet

I discuss four reasons why not using coupons may be the easiest and quickest way to get more value out of your shopping dollars and save you time and money.

4 Changes I Will Make When Using Amazon MTurk for Research

I describe the changes I will make henceforth when using Amazon Mechanical Turk to collect survey and experimental data for my social science research. Based on my recent experience as an MTurk worker, I would like to use MTurk for data collection more ethically and effectively.

Will Individual Investors Succeed with Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is less than two years old in the United States and is just starting to take off. It offers a lot of promise and peril to individual investors and an exciting new phenomenon for psychology researchers to study.

My Experience as an Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Worker

I spent a week answering psychological surveys on MTurk. The result was a revelation and has changed how I now think about using MTurk as a researcher.