The Dos and Don’ts of Sports Spectating

One's thoughts regarding the dos and don’ts of spectator behavior.

Fantasy vs. Reality: Response to "Our" Teams' Performances

Fantasy owner and NFL fan are not mutually exclusive identities; many fantasy owners also identify with NFL teams. A fantasy owner can experience conflicting emotions when his or her favorite NFL team is successful, but the owner’s fantasy team is unsuccessful, or vice versa.

Will Packers Fans Forgive Favre?

There are a multitude of factors that might influence Favre's reception.

5 Ways Fans Can Cope With World Cup Elimination

For all but one team, the World Cup ends with elimination. Some fans respond by smashing televisions. Others respond by drinking themselves into oblivion. Below are 5 healthier ways to cope.

World Cup + Wins = Romantic Bliss?

The conclusion that victories, in comparison to defeats, are beneficial to relationships might be supported in the United States, but may not be generalizable to the futbol world.

When Booing Backfires!

What is you first instinct? Is it to boo? If so, you might be doing your team more harm than good.So the next time your loyalty and emotions motivate you to boo the opposition, reconsider