We are all shocked and saddened by the awful shooting at Fort Hood this past week. In the interview on ABC with Martha Raddetz, the retired Commander and Chief said there are no known methods of actually diagnosing and treating TBI and PTSD, other than asking people about their fears, nightmares or taking medication. This is not true. As a trauma therapist for over 37 years, who has worked with countless people with TBI and/or PTSD, I was shocked to hear this report.

In my book Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, there are several chapters solely devoted to the most current and accurate methods of diagnosing TBI which were not available only a few years ago. In the two and half years of research I did for my book, I found well-researched methods from neuropsychological testing, QEEG, SPECT scan, SWI MRI and DTI MRI that clearly can detect both TBI and PTSD.  

There is an entire chapter devoted to PTSD and all the current methods and techniques for effectively treating PTSD, from medical approaches and medication to psychological methods of EMDR, Energy Psychology, TFT, EFT and hypnosis to complimentary methods of Neurofeedback, HBOT and alternative methods such as Reiki, QiGong, Polarity Therapy and Bach Flowers. 

I’m writing this so that anyone in the military who believes that their symptoms of TBI and/or PTSD can’t be helped.  There is HELP without countless hours of reliving your trauma. Don’t give up hope, There is a Way!

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