New Health Care Prosposal: Choose to Choose

A new health care proposal allowing us the freedom to choose! Every day we make choices that impact our lives: where to live, what to eat, where to shop... Why not our health care?

Extreme Weather = Auto Accidents = Concussion

1 in 4 people sustain a concussion, and don't even realize it. Do you know what is the leading cause of concussion in the U.S.? Hint: It's not football!

Post Election Anxiety and Depression

Are you one of the 320 million people who are reacting to the recent presidential election? As you gather, you are not alone.

Attachment Disturbances: Major Breakthrough in Treatment

A review of "Attachment Disturbances in Adults" By Daniel P. Brown and David S. Elliott

Protection From Reaction to Medication

Have you had bad experiences with medications you have taken or been administered? Knowing your history of medications can help to prevent this.

Cancer: Alternative Treatments Over Chemotherapy

I’m writing about my personal experience with alternative methods for treating lymphoma rather than doing chemotherapy. I want people to know that these can be successful.

Blast Injury: Coping With the Unexpected!

When life presents us with unexpected challenges like the Boston Marathon bombing, there is always a way to cultivate resiliency and recover a healthy life.

Brain Injury Awareness: United We Stand/Divided We Fall

Brain injury treatment is split among many organizations. This Brain Injury Awareness Month I say we need to unite for better funding and training.

Concussion — Still Struggling to Function?

Are you still struggling with symptoms of a concussion? There is help.

Cranberries: Best Food for Lyme, an Ulcer, Cancer and Brain

Think cranberry sauce is just for Thanksgiving? Think again.

Book Review: Restoring Resilience

An illuminating new book shares strategies for helping your clients regain their resilience.


What exactly is resilience, and how can it help you bounce back from a brain injury? Dr. Diane® shares what she has learned.

Bike Helmets for Brain Safety

Is wearing a bike helmet really necessary? And what about helmets for pee-wee football?

Healthcare: Affordable and Reasonable

Is our health care system failing us? Here's a plan for change.

Cell Phones and Brain Injury

Do you hold your cell phone up directly to your ear? Hold it in your bra? Learn about the dangers.

Brain Healthy Snacks to Enjoy at Your Desk

Learn about snacks that you can eat at your desk while at work that will keep your brain in tip-top shape!

Is There Really Such a Thing as "Healthy" Sweets?

Have you been tricked by these sweets and candies labeled as "healthy", "kid-friendly", or "brain-healthy"? Find out!

PTSD – Can These Two Little-Known Treatments Help?

Learn about the two little-known treatments that can help with your PTSD

"The Feeling Brain" Like Disney/Pixar Movie "Inside Out"

As an expert in Psychology, when I saw Disney/Pixar's "Inside Out", I was happily surprised by its accuracy in its portrayal of emotions (aside from emotions being personified and sitting in a "control room"!) At the same time that I saw the movie, Norton Publishing asked me to review the book, "The Feeling Brain", and I found quite a few similarities between the two.

A Life Interrupted: The Tim Bransfield Story

In the summer of 2002, Tim Bransfield had it all. Then he his mother’s car head-on into a tree at eighty miles per hour, and, as he says in his book, “everything went dark.”

Food Can Affect Your Brain: Breaking News?

Scientists and nutritionists have known for years that there is a strong relationship between healthy diet and healthy brain. Do you know all of the facts?

Trans Fats: Bad For Your Brain

Trans fats adversely affect brain health.

The Power of Protein to Optimize Brain Health

The power of protein for optimizing health and boosting brain function.

Stroke / Aneurysm: Neurofeedback Treatment

Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke or aneurysm? Neurofeedback is a treatment that can be the answer to all of your problems. Don't lose hope!

Stroke-Aneurysm Awareness: 11 Effective Treatments

In this article, Dr. Diane explains the 11 different integrative methods that she recommends for treating a stroke and/or aneurysm.

Neurofeedback: Book Review, "Calming the Fear-Driven Brain"

A review of Sebern Fisher’s book, Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain.

Neurofeedback as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

April was Parkinson’s Awareness Month, which prompted me to share this story and an effective, yet little-known treatment for Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Suicide Alert: The Spring Season Can Be Deadly

Suicide Alert: Springtime can be a deadly season.

Surprising Facts Learned on My Trip to India

On my recent trip to India, I became immersed in the rich culture. While learning more about this culture, I began to realize that there were facts about the culture in India that I had been completely unaware of!