A Look at Self-Organizing Traffic Lights

Getting stuck at a red light when there's no one else around is frustrating. Is there a better way that traffic lights could be designed? How about self-organizing traffic lights?

Personality Traits of Grammar and Spelling Sticklers

New research suggests that introverted people tend to judge others negatively based on grammar and spelling errors.

Guess What? Smoking Cigarettes Is Also Bad for Your Car

People who smoke in their cars end up polluting the interiors in ways that can't be cleaned or ventilated.

Why Do Pro Footballers Disdain Artificial Turf?

Research shows that playing style is different on artificial turf.

What's Your Favorite Color? (and Why It Actually Matters)

Have you every wondered why you love a certain color? A closer look at ecological valence theory.

Which Toys Do Children Anthropomorphize?

Young children tend to anthropomorphize, or attribute human qualities, to toys to which they are both emotionally attached and toys that possess personifying characteristics.

Do Crocodiles Really Cry?

What's up with crocodile tears? Do crocodiles really cry? Scientists find out.

When Dissent at Work Is a Good Idea

When prudent and logical, dissent at work can lead to valuable reward.

What Does "Behavioral Undercontrol" Mean?

Examining the link between behavioral undercontrol and substance use disorder.

The Effects of Crying

Although crying results in sympathetic stimulation, it may help by eliciting empathy of others. Additionally, people recall feeling better after having cried.

Leveraging the Biopsychosocial Model

The biopsychosocial model is a metatheory and clinical philosophy; however, are we leveraging its power?

The Angelina Jolie Effect

Angelina Jolie's decision to go public with her surgeries to prevent ovarian and breast cancer influenced women around the world to get tested for BRCA mutations.

Do Prescription Sleep Medications Cause Sleepwalking?

Although many people think that sedative-hypnotic sleep aids often cause sleepwalking, this adverse effect is rare.

Mechanics of the Placebo Effect

A look at how the placebo effect works

What's Going on With Coenzyme Q-10?

A closer look at whether coenzyme Q-10 supplements stave off heart disease

Long-Term Look at Rett Syndrome

Australian researchers complete 20-year longitudinal study on neurodevelopmental disorder Rett syndrome

Broken Heart Syndrome

Examining the physics of broken heart syndrome

Vitamin D and Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

New study examines vitamin D supplementation and its effects on symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

What I Look for in Research Articles

As a writer, here are some characteristics that I look for in a research article.

Grindr: An Unprotected Sex Finder?

Many Grindr users have unprotected sex increasing their risk for HIV.

Link Between Autism and Gender Dysphoria?

Underwhelming results suggest a link between autism and gender dysphoria.

Ebola in Semen

Ebola is found in semen. But what are the chances of developing Ebola from semen alone?

Hitting the P-Spot

Prostate massage is fun and pleasurable.

Are May-December Romances Dangerous?

Study shows that age gaps in relationships are associated with victimization.

Sexual Addiction: No Roll in the Hay

Laying down potential criteria for a diagnosis of hypersexual behavior.

Yes to Sex in Nursing Homes

Older residents of long-term care facilities are denied sex.

Bigger Breasts Equal Free Rides

No surprise here: Men like big breasts.

Another Treatment for ADHD?

Drugs are only one answer when treating ADHD ...

In Memory of SAT Analogies

The analogies seciton of the SAT may be no more but here are some of my own.

Here's What Can Help With Agitation in Alzheimer’s

Helping agitation and caregiver distress secondary to Alzheimer's disease.