Long-Term Look at Rett Syndrome

Australian researchers complete 20-year longitudinal study on neurodevelopmental disorder Rett syndrome

Broken Heart Syndrome

Examining the physics of broken heart syndrome

Vitamin D and Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

New study examines vitamin D supplementation and its effects on symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

What I Look for in Research Articles

As a writer, here are some characteristics that I look for in a research article.

Grindr: An Unprotected Sex Finder?

Many Grindr users have unprotected sex increasing their risk for HIV.

Link Between Autism and Gender Dysphoria?

Underwhelming results suggest a link between autism and gender dysphoria.

Ebola in Semen

Ebola is found in semen. But what are the chances of developing Ebola from semen alone?

Hitting the P-Spot

Prostate massage is fun and pleasurable.

Are May-December Romances Dangerous?

Study shows that age gaps in relationships are associated with victimization.

Sexual Addiction: No Roll in the Hay

Laying down potential criteria for a diagnosis of hypersexual behavior.

Yes to Sex in Nursing Homes

Older residents of long-term care facilities are denied sex.

Bigger Breasts Equal Free Rides

No surprise here: Men like big breasts.

Another Treatment for ADHD?

Drugs are only one answer when treating ADHD ...

In Memory of SAT Analogies

The analogies seciton of the SAT may be no more but here are some of my own.

Here's What Can Help With Agitation in Alzheimer’s

Helping agitation and caregiver distress secondary to Alzheimer's disease.

Silly Creationist Argument

Now I've heard it all...another ridiculous argument versus evolution.

Shock Is Bad, but What Is It?

On television, patients go into shock all the time. It's bad. Here's why.

Penile Fracture and 9 Other Painful Injuries

A top 10 list of painful injuries and possible treatments.

No Surprise: Bariatric Surgery Is Highly Effective

Up until recently, there have been no powerful, long-term studies on the benefits of bariatric or weight loss surgery. A new study published in JAMA examines more than 2000 people who had bariatric surgery and suggests many benefits including drastic weight loss and remission/partial remission of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and more.

Health and Medicine Around the World

A tip on how to attain a global appreciation for the practice of medicine.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are the worst.

Rabies from an Organ Transplant

A kidney recipient also receives rabies.

Physicans Unprepared to Deal With Substance Misuse

Fewer than 20 percent of primary care physicians feel fully prepared to deal with drug misuse.

Are U.S. News & World Report School Rankings Nonsense?

A school is much more than some number on a list.

Don't Sully My Sandwich! (Opinion Piece)

Restaurant workers who desecrate food should face legal repercussions.

Ten Money-Saving Tips for Young Couples

Don't flush your money down the toilet! Being young and in love is great. But being young, in love, and rich is even better. Here are 10 money-savings tips that will beef up your bank accounts and portfolio.

Obama and Random Number Theory

Obama's presidency suffered from a random clumping of negative events.

The Complexity of Global Warming

Some questions about global warming.

Television as a Tool

When watched in moderation, television can help writers.

Stepping on a Sea Urchin

Stepping on a sea urchin hurts like heck!