A Reflection on Extreme Prejudice and Violence

It is painful to passively accept the extreme prejudice and violence being reported across the world. Reflecting on these incidents can help to raise awareness of similar tendencies around and within all of us. What can we do locally and in ourselves to counter prejudice and violence, and promote more peaceful and effective relations, particularly across different groups?

Treatment of Psychological Diseases and Disorders

Although there are nearly 400 different psychological disorders, not all are created equal. Some disorders fit standard criteria for a "disease," and some do not. Successful treatment may depend on this distinction.

Stress (and Life) Management

Stress is a cultural endemic, so pervasive and accepted that many people blame their unhappiness or ineffectiveness on socially sanctioned poor coping responses. There are alternatives that create possibilities to live better.

"Kristallnacht:" The Night that Shattered Humanity

The "night that shattered humanity, "Kristallnacht," occurred 75 years ago on November 9, 1938. This event typically is considered to be the beginning of the Holocaust. Understanding Kristallnacht teaches many lessons about factors that contribute to prejudice and hatred, as well as what can be done to promote acceptance and peace today.

Blending the Best of Different Cultures

Individualistic and collectivistic cultural orientations each have their pros and cons. Reflecting on these and being intentional about implementing the best of different cultures provides individuals with a unique opportunity to live a meaningful life.

A New Focus for School Reform: The Student

With the beginning of the school year upon us, we would do well to remember that the key to education reform lies not in passing new funding, hiring new administrators, accessing new technology, or rewriting curricula. Education reform is best focused on where learning actually occurs - in the student.

Insights From a Scientific Worldview

Many people study psychology for insights into different content areas. However, understanding and appreciating psychology's scientific worldview actually may provide more fundamental insights. Learning to think more scientificially may be vital to helping individuals to think more critically and make better decisions in everyday life.

Everyday Mystery

“Mystery” may be defined as having to do with the “unknown,” the “unknowable,” or the “uncertain.” Some respond to mystery with closed-mindedness or indecisiveness. Others respond with curiosity, openness, faith, and hope, allowing mystery to transform their everyday lives.

Love for a Lifetime

Most marriages in our culture fail; either couples separate, or individuals express consistent relationship dissatisfaction. To experience a successful relationship requires a countercultural intention to do things differently, to love everyday. Here are some ideas for how to do so.

How I Try to Parent

For many individuals, parenting is the most important task of adult life. At the same time, parenting can be a primary source of frustration and confusion. There is considerable parenting research and advice for parents seeking guidance. In this post, one Psychology Professor shares his attempt to do so.

Holiday Awe

At the core of the various religious events that historically provide the basis for many of our holidays, there is a sense of awe. Although awe is one of the most misunderstood and elusive experiences in modern society, it may hold the key to unlocking the true treasures of the season.

Thanksgiving as a Lifestyle

Thanksgiving is just another holiday for most of us. However, considerable psychological research suggests that specific thanksgiving practices have significant psychological, physical, and interpersonal benefits. Learning to consistently experience thanksgiving may be one of the keys to life transformation.

Give Peace a Chance

In this introduction to the new blog, "The Pursuit of Peace," the elusiveness of personal happiness is discussed. Consider reframing daily life less in terms of personal happiness and more in terms of peace.