Pilot Psychology

Pilots with Mental Health challenges need better options

Universities Gone Mad!

Institutional madness of universities poses a long-term threat to the health of American society...and where America goes, the rest of the West follows.

Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu: The Symbolism of Leadership

Ahmadinejad made more people sympathetic to the Israeli cause. Without him, the opposition to Israeli policies has a more favorable face. Netanyahu has become the symbol of unreason for much of the world outside Israel and the USA.

Let Them Eat MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Low faculty-student ratios for the rich kids, MOOCs for the poor kids: there is a new divide in higher education, with "trickle-down MOOCs." In the meantime, university administrations keep getting bigger and richer, driving up tuition.

Myths, MOOCS, and Malls

Humans are social beings and tend to thrive in group activities. This includes learning with others, and many other activities including shopping and watching sports events.

Why Omniculturalism, Not Multiculturalism, Is the Solution

Why omniculturalism should replace multiculturalism

Putin's Graduation Speech

The three lessons all 2014 graduates need to learn from President Putin

Waiting for Godot or the 'Education President'

Graduation pushes higher education another year deeper into the crisis, and waiting for Godot is proving to be easier than waiting for the arrival of an 'Education President'.

Et Tu Canada!

Could the 'mild' stereotype of Canada hide deeper dangers?

Shakespeare, Einstein, and Stoppard—All Frauds!

Why is it so difficult for people to believe 'great works' can be produced by people from 'ordinary backgrounds'?

Groupthink, Syria, and President Obama

How Groupthink has led to our current lose-lose situation in Syria.

Back to School Blues

Revealed - The secret of rising tuition

Elected Pharaohs

In all kinds of countries, even in the harshest dictatorships, different types of national, regional, and local elections are being held to give the impression that a democracy has been established. But in so many cases, the result of this process to put into power elected pharaohs.

My Philosophy of Teaching

Why teaching and research go hand in hand, and MOOCS can help transfer information but not replace education

Lone Wolves and Lone Dictators

Lone wolves and lone dictators have a lot in common.

Kidnapping, Control, and Cleveland

What deeper psychological motives lie behind kidnapping?

Kim Jong Eun as Psychologist

Kim Jong Eun as Psychologist

Psychologist As Generalist and Specialist

Should psychologists become more specialized?

The Four Solitudes of Psychology

The four solitudes that characterize psychology

The Isolated Psychologist

How academic psychologists have become increasingly isolated.

Dictatorial Style and Power in Academic Research

Radical neuroscience is the new radical behaviorism - demanding conformity and obedience from all psychologists

Five Reasons Why Academic Freedom Is Disappearing

The decline of academic freedom is due to subtle and powerful forces

Is There a Threat of Dictatorship in America?

The threat of dictatorship in America

The Dictatorship Cometh

Societies began as dictatorships, and might return to dictatorships.

Displacement of Aggression and US Foreign Policy

How displacement tactics by the Saudis Backfires against the United States

Was Chavez Really a Dictator?

Hugo Chavez was hated by many, but does that make him a dictator?

What Is the Springboard to Dictatorship?

What is the 'springboard moment' that makes a difference between an actual and a potential dictator.

Why Do Dictators Love To Attack America?

Why do dictators love to hate America? Some answers from a psychologist who suffered under dictatorial rule.