Is Ethical Nudging an Oxymoron?

A new research article published this week by prominent psychologist, Gerd Girgerenzer (author of best-selling 'Risk Savvy') potentially radically debunks decades of behavioural economic research which underpins 'nudging' associated with the 'psychological state'.

Behavioural Science Meets Data Science

The idea that integrated technologies will increasingly enable us to close the loop between learning about what people are doing and being able to shape what they are doing, at unprecedented demographic scales, surely heralds a qualitative and quantitive sea change in behavioural governance. In this post we explore the connections between behaviour change and big data

Nudge: The Real Ethical Debate?

Is all the discuss around the ethics of nudging missing the key point? In this blog I argue that it often is and suggest an alternative focus for this ethical attention.

Nudging All Over the World

The impact of the behavioral sciences on public policy development is more global than you might think!

Heuristics: Half Baked

How easy is it to control and change our behavioral heuristics. In this post we explore the emerging debate around this question and what it may mean for public policy.

Experimental Citizenship

Does the use of randomised controlled trials within public policy have implications for how we understand citizenship. In this post we claim it does.

Cerebral Cities

Evidence-based architecture and urban design has been growing in significance and in this post we consider how an emergent interdisciplinary field of neuro-architecture might re-make cities of the future in light of psychologised understandings of human behaviour.

Homo Economicus to Homer Simpson

Are new forms of psychological governance really reshaping how humans understand themselves? In this post we claim that they are and that there are costs to the overly pessimistic accounts of the human subject that are emerging.

Neuroliberalism and Redefining Freedom

Are new forms of behavioural governance really challenging established liberal ways of interpreting freedom? In this post we argue they are.

The Psychological State II: Emotional Government

In this post we consider the emerging relationships between governments and our emotions. Exploring the notion of emotional governance, this blog post outlines how notions of the therapeutic and submerged state can help us to understand better what is going on.

Introducing the Psychological State

Have we entered a new period of government within which the psychological is a new vector for public policy design and intervention? This post explores the origins and nature of what we term the psychological state.