The Original Myth

Does procrastination improve creativity? A new take on an old idea.

Shoot for Now, Ask Questions Later

Deadline gorillas. They chase us to get that assignment done or to fill in tax returns. Zap'em dead with hyperbolic discounting.

Living in the Candy Store

Taking responsibility for yourself sometimes means taking responsibility for the world you live in. Change where you are and change who you are. The latest generation of technological assists do that exactly that, helping you march to your own tune and do the work you think is important.

How Ebola Won The Election for Conservatives

There's a natural fit between concerns and political values. Where liberals are the party of promotion, conservative are the party of protection. So why should democrats emphasize Ebola in their election campaign? Simply put, they shouldn't... ever, and paid the cost. The psychology of why this is so is covered here.

Self-Efficacy and Success: Is There Any Relationship?

What's your self-confidence level? Use our comprehensive assessment battery to find out if you have too much or too little. Either can be problematic.

If You Met All Your Goals Today, This Article Is Not for You

Smarter than SMART goals, this describes a research program to develop an online app that trains you how to make goals that have the maximum motivation and science theoretically allows.

When Self-Blackmail Becomes Blackmail

Precommitment can be changed from self-blackmail, where you try to get yourself to follow through on your intentions, to just plain old blackmail. This can happen any time you have a referee to help enforce the precommitment and a legitimate reason for violating your own rule. Worse case scenario? The financial destruction of an entire nation.

The Two Faces of the New Year

New Year's Resolutions are one of the finest traditions that Western society has produced. And psychological research indicates that the very act of making one is one of the easiest ways to improve yourself, providing you do it the right way.

Procrastination, Precommitment and The Fiscal Cliff

James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, wrote about how psychology can fix the workings of government. With a little help from psychology, we can make the fiscal cliff work as intended.
Lying and Procrastination

Lying and Procrastination

I’ve lied to myself plenty because it was easier to. At least at first. Confronting ones own lies is hard to do because if you believe them, you think there are no lies to confront in the first place.
How to Become a Procrastinator

How to Become a Procrastinator

There are a stubborn 5% of people who say they procrastinate very rarely or not at all. If you find yourself aberrantly efficient, don’t feel left out. Here is a top ten list to help you put off until tomorrow what you should be doing today.

Breaking the Pain Barrier

To push themselves to the pain threshold and then far beyond, competitive cyclists employ a pretty nifty technique — micro goal-setting. Here are four tricks they use and the science behind them.

Rag Doll Rising

An edgy and unique production on whether positive belief leads to desired outcomes. Quite possibly, you have never seen anything like before. No profanity or nudity but still not for everyone.

Losing Weight Effortlessly With Visual Illusions

When temptation strikes, our willpower works overtime to try and drive the unhealthy / distracting cravings out of our head, or at least to stop us from acting on them. It doesn't have to be this hard, though. In fact, it doesn't have to be hard at all.

Da Vinci, Copernicus and the Astronomical Procrastination of

Science is actually progressing somewhat slower than predicted. For example, the 1982 classic Blade Runner, voted favorite SciFi film by scientists, has genetically engineered organic robots filling the streets by 2019. Its not going to happen on schedule and procrastination is probably to blame.

Thought for Food

We all know what we need to do to shed the weight: eat less and exercise more. Knowing isn't the problem, it is doing. Science has come with a few new techniques to help us control our minds, so we can control our bodies.

From Snow Gloom to Snow Doom: The Psychophysics of the Snow

When Weh-Ming Cho decided to sell his snow blower with an internet ad, he received 1,400 offers. Cho wasn't just selling a snow blower. He was selling "A Tribute to Man's Triumph over Nature." Here is what he wrote.

Beyond the Coffee Crutch: The Secret to Vitality at Work

What's the number one reason for procrastinating? Survey says: low energy. Tackling tasks or chores when we are already tired is a surefire recipe for putting stuff off. So if you are tired of feeling tired, read on.

Occupy Wall Street, Procrastination and the Battle of Ideas

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is characterized as angry but directionless. They feel economic injustice is being done but don't agree about who is to blame and what to do. Consequently, they might be easily appeased by having a few peripheral players going to jail. Too bad. The real source of troubles wasn't hiding anywhere. I see it everyday.

Hard Work Beats Talent (but Only If Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

In a world where we are ridiculously overcommitted to making sure everyone is equal in every way, a new study just published in Psychological Science contains some sobering news you might not like. It kills the myth that talent doesn't matter.

It's Fight Procrastination Day: Here's Some Ammo

With September 6th (though often delayed until the 7th) being Fight Procrastination Day, we continue the ongoing story of one person's struggle to stop procrastination. Today, Erin P. tries out the strongest of all anti-procrastination techniques: precommitment.

The Motivational Wisdom of Lady Gaga versus The Secret

The queen of music takes on the queen of self-help in this Lady Gaga versus Rhonda Byrne's The Secret motivational slugfest. Both have record breaking stints on their respective charts, one in music and the other in books. In the end, though, only one can win.

Better Living Through Chemistry–The Success Pill

In Limitless, NZT-48 cures your procrastination and triples your IQ. Nootropic pharmaceuticals, also called smart drugs, exist. Is the end of procrastination one pill away?

"I am a procrastinator!" The ongoing story of one person's s

Together, Ms. Erin P and I will try out anti-procrastinatory techniques to determine what works, how well, and how best to make them work. She takes the role of the client or customer. I will be the service provider and give the theoretical background. Every other week or so, we will try something new and report back to you how it went.

Governmental Procrastination

Since the 1950s, the Debt Ceiling has been described as "a meaningless strait jacket." Like an alcoholic leaving the key in the liquor cabinet, politicians have voted away their previous debt resolution and installed a new higher limit, hundreds of times already, though undoubtedly each increase was going to be "just this once." Here's how to fix it.

Bondage and Procrastination

Ancient wisdom for an ancient problem. Precommitment dates back to the Trojan Wars but is useful for combating modern-day procrastination.

Impulsiveness: Procrastination’s Nickel-Iron Core

What's at the core of procrastination?

The Greatest Procrastinator in History Still Alive: Puts Off

The Greatest Procrastinator in History Still Alive: Puts Off

Crazy for Procrastinating? Maybe

Crazy for procrastinating? Maybe