What Can 10,000-Pound Juvenile Delinquents Teach Us?

The elephant gangsters of Pilanesberg.

Want to Build a Dog From A Fox? Here's How To Do It.

Tucked away in Siberia, there are furry, four-legged creatures with wagging tails that are as friendly as any lapdog. But, despite appearances, these are not dogs—they are foxes.

Personality Research in Animals

One of the hottest topics in the field of animal behavior is the study of personality in nonhuman species.

Evolution: The Super-Duper Big Stuff

There is nothing inherent in the process of evolution by natural selection that necessarily leads up to a buildup of complexity over time. But we see trends like an increase in body size, an increase in number of different cell types, an increase in number of protein-coding genes and in increase in total genome size.

Warning: This Car May Cause Natural Selection

I can just see it now. A Ford Motor Company press release that reads “All Ford cars will now have the following printed on their dashboards: Warning: This Car May Cause Natural Selection.”

If Scientists Had Super Powers...

Sometimes it is worth not considering the constraints of the world as they are now. Sometimes, it is worth thinking about what you would do as a scientist, if you had super powers, and could test any hypothesis you wanted, in any way you wanted.

What Is “Behavior” Anyway?

What do animal behaviorists mean by the word “behavior?”

Vole Brains and Why You Should Care About Them

The vole brain is a veritable gold mine of information on what makes individuals act in a prosocial manner.

Humans, Chimps, and the 1 Percent

Though more than 98 percent identical at the level of DNA base pairs, chimps and humans are so very different. Why?

Mistakes, Innovations, and Animals

How do we study the process of animal innovation in action? A proposal for "The Animal Innovation Project."

Four Ways to Think About Behavior

Noble Prize winner Niko Tinbergen argued behavior could be studied at four levels. Not surprisingly, he was right.

Why Lady Brewster Fainted in 1860

Thomas Henry Huxley, Bishop Wilberforce, and why Lady Brewster fainted in 1860.

Of Davy Jones and Thomas Henry Huxley

Your one chance to see a comparison of Davy Jones and Thomas Henry Huxley.

The Morning Teatime of Darwinian Medicine

Darwinian medicine seeks to understand our vulnerability to disease. Why do we still get sick?

Microbial Psychology 101: How to Be a Nice Cell

Word is in from the streets of the microbe world, and the message is clear: “You multi-cells are always on about ‘niceness’ and altruism: well, we have those here, in abundance. And we don’t have to schlep around those heavy brains and wiry nervous systems of yours either.”