Holiday Inertia: Where Did My Normal Go?

Holidays can be biting and isolating, but you can find your way back to a happy normal.

Visual Memories are Great! Well, Sometimes...

Visual memories can set you free to explore your best times or chain you to recall your most difficult moments. Here's help to help you make the most of what you remember.

Betrayal: Can We Get Over It?

Betrayal is hard to forgive and forget, but for the sake of our well-being we have to try and do both.

Changing for Happiness

Even the tiniest change can bring big happiness to your life.

Aspie Talk: Perseveration or Conversation?

Perseverating interests can be great conversation pieces.

Fake Friend Real Friend

Enjoy people whenever you can, but take caution to never get lost in your desire for friendship.

Are You an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Bilateral coordination and poor motor planning skills make it difficult for people with Asperger syndrome to navigate the physical world without injury. Supports provided in this article help an Aspie have fun and stay safe while the mind / body connection learns to do some real connecting!

I Love You, Wait, Are You Dangerous?

Because we female Aspies aren’t super savvy when it comes to picking would-be mates, I’ve listed a few red flag warning signs to look out for when looking for a partner.

Supporting Elder Aspies

As we impatiently wait for the community to spread its protective wings over Aspies of all ages, we individuals need to act now to deliver solace to our exceptional elders.

What About Our Aspie Elders?

Eventually, Aspies grow up and when we do, we have a whole new range of challenges that will need to be met with new kinds of support and different sets of coping skills.