As you know if you follow my posts at all, I really enjoy passing on great books from authors who are self aware, have used their past brilliantly, and help others lean into their futures and into leadership with passion and perspective.

My colleague Cathy Robinson-Walker has put it all together in a great book for healthcare leaders. Cathy is a true professional who gets the link between outer and inner performance. Here is the book and a little about it.

Leading Valiantly for Healthcare: Four Steps to Sustainable Success

Whether you are a healthcare professional or a leader in another field, Leading Valiantly is a must-have resource for your leadership journey. Today’s professional landscape is constantly moving and shifting. The right solution is seldom obvious or expedient. Valiant Leaders are needed at the helm.

Possibly the most valuable characteristic of Robinson-Walker’s book is her consistent use of real-world situations and scenarios to provide clear understanding and actionable steps for leaders. Self-awareness is essential for leadership growth. Robinson-Walker presents six leadership seductions. Leadership seductions are common pitfalls that short-circuit leadership effectiveness. Valiant Leaders cultivate an awareness that enables them to identify and address the leadership seductions that are undermining their effectiveness.

Robinson-Walker also introduces the Cycle of Leadership Valor, asserting that mastering valiant leadership is not about being a perfect leader. Instead, she emphasizes the critical importance of reflection and learning. The Cycle of Leadership Valor begins when we choose to be self-aware, rather than persisting with what is instinctive or routine. True leadership valor requires honesty, transparency, and action. Valiant Leaders are “willing to practice new behaviors and let go of beliefs, stories, and attitudes” that are counterproductive.

In Leading Valiantly for Healthcare: Four Steps to Sustainable Success, Robinson-Walker brings to bear more than 25 years of executive leadership experience, coupled with thousands of hours of leadership coaching with client teams and organizations. Her passion for and commitment to leadership excellence is evident on every page. Leading Valiantly provides well-defined, concrete steps that will enable business leaders to analyze their individual goals and administrative style and cultivate exceptional practices that inspire their employees and enhance the bottom line. 

About the Authors

Dr. Ed Adams

Dr. Ed Adams is a clinical psychologist and the founder of Men Mentoring Men, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping men live happy lives.

John Schuster

John Schuster is the author of The Power of Your Past.

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