The Narrative We Live or the Narrative We Choose

Whether you are a coach or not, you ought to know that the stories you tell about yourself, others, work and life tend to follow a dramatic pattern that reveals who you are.
“237/365 Bittersweet [explored]” by martinak15 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When We Feel the Tears of Blessedness, We Feel Alive

This happy/sad blend can be called poignancy. It is the bittersweet state we have all felt when a joyous but fleeting thing happens.

Neglecting Our Democratic Infrastructure No More

Like physical systems, we use the democratic infrastructure all the time; they are in constant use and need maintenance and metaphoric oil changes.
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Keeping America's Kids from Being Politically Wounded

After watching the presidential debates, I think we have an obligation to our grandkids. We need to tell them how political discourse used to be and how it can be again someday.
John Schuster

Original Teenage Soul

The soulful social psychology of this weekend was not lost on any of us. We were celebrating the best parts of us that only these old friends know in its purest forms.

Reading as Deliberate Confrontation

Yes there is time for fast reading. Indulge away and keep yourself broadly informed. But do another kind of reading. Be revolutionary. Slow down.
Byron Edgington

The Sky Behind Me

A worthwhile read for anyone who wants to sense the ghost in the machine.
Image by Särmä metsätunnelmissa /Flickr/Creative Commons license

Exploring the Good Kind of Disobedience

Intelligent Disobedience. I recommend this book to all of us interested in the implications of the Hoffman Report, and to everyone not in psychology but interested in human courage in the face of collective evil.

Remembering Frederic Hudson

Entering the Wardrobe and Falling Into a Rabbit Hole: a fortuitous invitation

Shrinking Into the Next Phase of Life

...for the 10,000 boomers every day who turn 65

Getting Your Ph.D. in Retirement

Getting ready for the losses, gains, fun and change of retirement

Angeles Arrien

Thank you, Angeles, for appealing to our better angels by knowing how to bridge us, the lost children of the modern scientific age, to our wisdom traditions.

Leading Valiantly is for Anyone Seeking Leadership Success

Valiant Leaders cultivate an awareness that enables them to identify and address the leadership seductions that are undermining their effectiveness.

Happiness, Past and Future, Brought to Us by a Real Master

I am so pleased to recommend a book by first-time author and first-class leader Doug Smith, who has worked with his past very creatively.

The Gift of Disassociation

A pain so utter needs time to heal and may need forgetfulness.

Lance, Andy and Elliott: Gump or Gatsby?

What do you have—a destiny you accept even if it means taking on some hard truths from your past, or a fate you try to avoid but tends to catch up with you no matter what? The choice, in large measure, is ours to determine.

The Eight Great Grandparents

Think of a value you carry and think of an aptitude you have and then consider their origins. To what in your personal past and ancestral past can you trace this value and talent?

Paul McCartney and Jaak Panksepp

The oldest parts of our brains insist on carrying around some most ancient memories of yesterday

The Seven Effects of Highly Habitual People

But to Steven Covey, I do give a major thanks. He made our field better and our work easier. He once again showed that the soft stuff is hard.

A Conversation with David

The following interview is between Ed Adams, founder of Men Mentoring Men; John P. Schuster, author of The Power of Your Past; and the personified David sculpted by the artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti.