Why Time isn't Money

Benjamin Franklin got it all wrong.

Hanging in the Balance ~ When Work Takes Over

Work is a part of life, but it ain't everything!

Which Disney Character Are You?

The archetypes in the Hundred Acre Woods tell us a lot about our time perspective.

Ways to Slow Down without TV

Television can be addictive. Here are some ways to slow it down while tuning out the tube.

The clash of the clutterers

You can find out a lot about a person by the way they maintain their closets.

On Finding the Happy Within

 The founding fathers meant well, but their imprecision haunts us to this day.

Raising Generation M: How to Teach Responsible Media Use

24/7 has hit the romper room. Today's kids spend the equivalent of a full-time job plus overtime using media every day.

How to Teach the Power of Slow to Our Kids

Overscheduling has become the new norm. Here are five ways to buck the trend in slow style.

TMI: Too Much Information…or Not Enough?

It's a treat to tweet. Or is it not?

Multitasking ~ Must or Myth?

I'll admit I believe what science tells me. If a neuroscientist says the human brain is incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time, I'm apt to agree. But as a social scientist, I feel compelled to study the reason why human beings attempt to do the impossible anyway. Let's say it's in my nature to inquire about such things.

Job Dissatisfaction and Internet Use on the Rise

The Web: Love it. Hate it. It's here to stay.

Harnessing the Power of Time

For many of us, time itself represents a certain lack in our lives. We rush about in a time-starved state, yet rarely do we ask ourselves ‘What's the rush?'

Where does the time go?

How we spend our time says a lot about who we are. If we spend most of our leisure time outdoors, we have a different take on the world than someone who spends it in front of a screen.

Always On, But Not Really There - Why Cell Phones Incarcerate and How to Break Free

Cell phones are marvelous devices. They can unleash you from the harness of your land line, offer endless entertainment to cranky kids in the backseat and help track criminals who stupidly use a mobile phone to call home. The irony of the term cell phone itself is inescapable.

Want to get in the Zone? It's as easy as child's play.

You have heard of the ‘Zone'. It is the special place where athletes dwell when they are living their flow. It is a place of such joy that, once there, the dweller wishes to return again and again. Is it possible for anyone to experience this timeless state of true bliss? Indeed, it is. To embrace a positive relationship with time, I would even argue that inducing the Zone is essential.

How can we keep up in this fast-paced world?

It used to be we tried to keep up with the Joneses, those ubiquitous neighbors who seemed to really have it all together. If Mr. Jones got a sports car, guess what? You did, too. But over the years, the rules of the game have changed.

Sometimes All You Need Are Forgiveness Pants

 Forgiveness is one of the best antidotes to whirling out of control. Getting to slow can be as simple as pulling on a pair of Forgiveness Pants today.