More People Choose Money Over Sleep

Happiness is based on more than money. But a new study shows people would sacrifice sleep for a bigger paycheck. Really?

Mandatory Sick Leave Not a Given

Mandatory sick leave is a given in many nations, but not in the United States. Three cities have taken the lead in requiring sick days for workers. Who will be next?

The Nurturing Powers of Mother Nature

No matter what time of year, the Great Outdoors offers relaxing opportunities to learn more about the Earth on which we live.

Job Satisfaction Ranked Lower than Benefits

Benefits and salary outweigh the need for job satisfaction when considering a job change as the world recession clings relentlessly.

Entering the No iPhone Zone

Several studies have pointed to people's smartphone addictions. "The Power of Slow" author Christine Louise Hohlbaum looks at her own iPhone behavior and takes on the five-week No iPhone Zone challenge.

Night Shift Workers in a Whole New Light

Night workers are a sex-starved bunch. A new survey released by the Men's Health Network reveals the social, physical, and work-related impact working non-traditional hours has on shift workers.

New Study Reveals Connection Between Education and Stress Levels

Education is the key to a good life. Or is it? According to a new study, PhD's were the most engaged -- and stressed-out -- workers of all.

Dirty Barbie and Other Dreams

Artists teach us more about being human than anyone else. Here's one woman's journey to self through playwriting, performing and keeping it slow.

The Poisonous Mixture of Politics and Food

The Slow movement grew out of people's desire to return to their roots...and their soil. In the hands of a few, our food supply has been politicized beyond recognition. It's time to vote with our feet planted firmly on solid ground.

Stretching from Struggle to Juggle in One Toss

Public speaking is just one of the things that makes us sweat. One fitness expert learned how to turn that into an advantage.

How One Taxi Ride Changed My Life

Kindness begets kindness. This is one such story of miracles that wrapped its arms around the world.

The Slow Road to the Stage

You are never too late to learn. Here's one man's story about learning to play the classical piano at the ripe age of 17. (Photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

The Toxic Love Story We Call Plastic

Life without plastic is nearly impossible today, unless you live, shoeless and nearly naked, in a cave.

Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate

Why is forgiveness such a loaded question? Because many believe that somehow the victim has to be the bigger person, raise himself up to a higher standard than the perpetrator and make amends to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.I saw "Hogwash!"

Why Charlie Sheen Needs More Slow, Not Show

We all need attention; but what happens when that desire becomes an addiction? Charlie Sheen is an example of one man acting badly, hurting deeply and getting paid well to continue down the path of self-destruction.

Digital Addiction Revisited

Digital addiction is real. But is the Internet really to blame?

How Fifteen Minutes Outside Changes Everything

Spending time outdoors can help families reconnect not only to Nature, but also to one another. Learn how.

Teaching Children the Power of Choice

One educator has taken the bull by the horns, teaching kids the power of choice as early as age six.

Why Our Schools Need More Slow

According to documentary filmmaker Vicki Abeles, the US school system is churning out overwrought, undereducated kids. The system is kaputt, and our kids are suffering from it. Read on to discover how a little more Slow can bring schools back into the flow.

What Honest Abe Would Say About Cut and Paste Plagiarism in the Age of Email

Honest Abe was a master communicator. Would he have fallen prey to the temptations of today's cut and paste world? This author calls for a return to integrity in the age of the Internet.

Why Thursday Is the Best Day of the Week for Sex

Find out which day of the week is best for having sex, sending emails and staying sober.

Don't Worry, Record Happy

Sustainable happiness starts with gratitude. You are what you eat...and what you think, too.

Slow Money: Making a Living, Not a Killing

Sustainable living is as easy as investing in local resources. Slow down your money to the pace of the Earth's rotation. Here's how!

The Changing Nature of Family Time

Favorite family time activities have changed over the years. According to a recent survey, television trumps all other activities, including the dinner table.

Are you a workaholic?

Do you spend most of your day – including your free time – thinking about work?  Are you more concerned about what your boss thinks than your family?  Would you rather be in your cubicle than in your home?  If so, you could be a workaholic.

Strategic Speed and the Skills You Need

If you've been following the Power of Slow School of Thought, you'll know slow is faster and fast is merely exhausting. But did you know that you can apply these same principles to leadership? Listening, communication and other soft skills drive hard results. Join me in discussing two powerful new business books that show how slow drives the show!

Slow in the Workplace

According to a recent University of Wisconsin study, remote workers reported experiencing a higher level of satisfaction than their office-based peers. Forget alientation. Teleworkers are less stressed!

Tell Me What Pet You Own and I'll Tell You Your Future

According to a recent survey, there is a correlation between pet ownership and career path. You be the judge!

Time-Crunched Women and What to Do About It

Women are striving to do more in less time these days. It seems they are the most time-crunched segment of the population. But help is on the way with a few timeless tips to get your time back.